How to Decorate Your Windows from the Outside

How to Decorate Your Windows from the Outside

Sometimes, you will take a look at your existing windows and realize how boring they are. It is not even that they are bought from the store that makes them so dull, even customized windows fail to have a good impact. You will find yourself wanting to take a step back from the normalcy of it all and try something new. This is when you realize that there are lots of fun and interesting ways you can decorate the exterior of your windows. The outside part is what guests see whenever they come to visit you, and it is also what you will see before you enter the house. So, what kind of DIY and creative solutions can you take advantage of when it comes to the exterior of your windows?

The curb appeal of the house does not need to have to go through your bank account. There are many cost-effective ways you can make your window stand out from your neighbours. Whether you have decided to adapt to some new shutters or are looking to change your panes, the options are endless. Ultimately it does depend on your taste and the overall design of your home. To get an architectural kick out of the window exterior, there are many areas where your home can outshine.

Improving the Exterior of Your Window

Window projects are always exciting to take on because you never know what you will end up with. Whether you have an old vintage home with original window panes and casual rooms, or something contemporary, your tastes will be the showcase. The display will hang in front of your garden or yard and will be the front piece of your home. So, what kind of options can you choose from to change up your existing windows?

Window Treatments for the Household

Whatever kind of treatment you end up choosing, should facilitate the design and theme of the house. You can use shades and coverings or shutters to have the desired effect and then choose the right kind of blinds for the inside. Any addition you make will go a long way whenever you decide on a remodel or resale. Coming up with a concept that stands out and makes a statement is not always easy. So what you can do as a homeowner is trying to add more of your preferences. Making an impulsive design decision is not the right choice for you; instead, your display should be a thought out version of the image in your head.


Shutters are not only the most functional addition you can make to your window, but they also look great. If you live in an area where a storm is more likely to hit, you can get some classic shutters at a low price. They will be the perfect way to spice up the exterior of your window. You can even choose from different kinds of shutters depending on your home and your preference. The best part about shutters is that they can also be a DIY if you are someone who likes getting their hands dirty. So, choose your style and enjoy a fantastic looking window!

Decorative Screen

Privacy is a big part of having windows. Adding a decorative screen to your window is way too up your style and give you some privacy at the same time. You can either make a screen yourself or get a premade one from the local store. A simple wooden frame in your desired size and colour is exactly what you need to make your window space stand out. The screen comes in lots of fabric types, which you can select yourself and see if enough light is coming into your house. Lace or burlap is the best choice, and voila, you have absolute privacy as well as great decor for your window.

Window Trim

If you live in a bungalow or an old-style home, you can consider a window trim. These trims or groupings will give the outside of your window clean and easy lines which will be noticed by all. This is especially a great selection if you have big columns on your porch and a lowered rooftop. The classic design will add to the existing eaves and will make your home look elegant and sophisticated.

New Window Panes

The best part of any window is knowing that its initial panes can be removed at will. If you have an old window frame and you are sick of the way it looks, you can change it to a unique design. You can opt for antique choices or comes up with a DIY glass idea for a vintage look. You can even add chalkboards in place of the old panes and make this decor idea your own completely.

Stencilled Drapes

Drapes do a lot for explaining to the world what kind of homeowner you are. When you stencil brand new designs onto the drapes, you can make this look your own by catering to your preference. This is not only a fun crafts project to take up, but will also make your home look fun. You can buy some ordinary linen drapes from the store according to the size of your window. After that, it is up to you to use stencil paints to make the drapes your own. Custom designs and styles are no longer a dream!

Stained Glass

You do not need to add expensive coloured windowpanes to have stained glass. You can look for a stained glass window and then hang it over the window frame. This allows old window art to become a part of your home when the sunlight comes in. You can add this to the kitchen or the bathroom, depending on your taste.

Flower Murals

This is a great example of making your window look natural and fresh all day long. You can use window clings and cut flowers to be a part of them. The bottom of your window will look like you have blooming flowers in wait for the summertime. Each plant can be changed to meet seasonal shifts, and it is a great hobby to go back to. Green shrubs and colourful petals are where it is at! 


When it comes down to it, there is no need to suffer because of a boring old window. You can follow the given tips and advice to customize the exterior of your window to meet your taste. This way, visitors and guests will see how your home has a personal touch to it just from an outside glance. Happy decorating!

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