17 Bright Ideas on How To Find A Reliable Tradesperson

17 Bright Ideas on How To Find A Reliable Tradesperson

We all know that we should get quotes for work before we hire a tradesperson, but do you often find that when the tradesperson comes you are stuck for questions to ask, or when they leave you remember questions you should have asked? We’ve put together a list of 17 questions to help you in your search for a good quality tradespeople. These questions allow you to get the right information so you can make sensible comparisons between tradespeople. Here are 17 Bright Ideas on How To Find A Reliable Tradesperson:

What experience do they have in the job you are asking them to do? – How many jobs of a type similar to yours have they done? They may have a lot of experience as a tradesperson but have they done the job before?

Can they show you examples of their work? – Can they show photos or give you names of previous customers? Any reliable tradesperson will be more than happy to give you references.

What licenses do they have? – Do they have the appropriate licenses e.g.: builders license? Can you see a copy? Do some research to see what licences should be required for your particular job.

Do they have insurance? – Request a copy of their insurance – certificate of currency.

What will be the duration of the work?  – How long will it take to do the work? If it is a long job, get a schedule. Also find out what times of the day the tradesman will work. What is the earliest the work will start, what is the latest. If it is a small job, can they call you before hand on the day, to give you an idea of when they will arrive?

When is the start date? – When can the tradespeople start the work? Will it be required to be completed in stages?

Who will complete the work? – Is the person you are meeting going to be the tradesperson? Will they have an assistant? Will they subcontract the work?  What is their experience? Find out how many people will be on site

What is the total cost? – Is the charge by hour or a fixed fee. If there a call out fee in addition to the labour fee?

Formal quote in writing – Make sure you get the costs in writing before any work is started by your tradesperson.

Is GST included? – Does the quote the tradesman has provided include GST?

How does the tradesperson handle additional costs? – If problems occur and additional costs are incurred will you find out before the additional work is completed the the tradespeople?

What is the payment schedule? – Are you required to pay a deposit?  What is the payment schedule? An you pay the entire cost on completion?

How can you pay ? – Cheque, credit card, cash, bank transfer? (Be wary of businesses that only accept cash)

What guarantees are given for the work? – How long is the work covered? Are all aspects of the work covered? If not, what is excluded in the guarantee?

How long has their company been in operation? – Do some research on the company before you proceed.

What reputation does the company have? – There are many sites on the internet that rate and review companies. Always remember that people are more likely to write a complaint than something positive. You can always ask the tradesperson about others posts to get both sides of the story and then make up your own mind.

What about rubbish removal? – Who is responsible for rubbish removal and any make good – clean and tidy premises etc. Reliable, quality tradespeople will look after this part of the job.

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  1. Someone reccomended by word of mouth is always the best I think. You have to be so careful.

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