How to Get Rid of That Bad Smell in Your House

How to Get Rid of That Bad Smell in Your House

Sometimes it happens that you step into your home and you notice an unpleasant smell. Often we let these kinds of odors skip our senses but once you know that something smells off, you cannot let it go. Instead of being hit with a pleasant and fresh scent you have to deal with a foul and awful smell that is overwhelming. Whenever this happens, you will want to get rid of the cause immediately. This is to ensure that you do not feel a wave of distaste when you enter your door. While a lot of people are not too keen about household odors and how they can be dealt with, this is a conversation everyone needs to have.

The smell in your home could be coming from stale food, your pets or other musty nature lurking in the basement. These scents often just settle into all the rooms in your home and refuse to leave. While you can simply use an air freshener to make it less pungent, this is not a long term solution. So, whether you are opting for a diffuser oil or you just bought ten scented candles, you know what needs to be done.

Getting Rid of the Bad Smell: A Few Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you come across an unexplained odor that is so awful it makes you want to move houses. When this is the case, you have to take immediate action because these scents can have health effects that are damaging to your family. While maintaining the air quality in your home, here are a few tips and tricks you can adopt. These will make sure that no matter what, your home stays smelling fresh and minty throughout the seasons.

Baking Soda for Absorption

Bicarbonate soda or baking soda is a must for your pantry if you like to bake regularly. What most people do not know about this product is that it neutralizes all kinds of odors. The ingredient is all-natural and is the perfect way to get rid of funky smells. It allows you to dust your fridge, your shoes, the corners of a room and even your carpet. An easy and affordable way to clear out any smells within a minute.

Pet Odors

It is common that pets leave behind a lot of mess and a lot of smells. So, when it comes to your beloved animals, you will only need to get a vacuum to clean up the pet hair. For the other droppings, you can simply brush your animal every day to get rid of the smell and the mess.

Activated Charcoal

If you are really looking to have something absorb the odor, try activated charcoal. If you have a smell in your home that is clinging to the walls, you can simply buy this nifty item and place it around the house. In basements and near your cat’s litter box, you will see the charcoal do wonders for absorbing bad scents.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Sometimes it happens that your fridge starts smelling weird and stale all of a sudden. To combat this, you can start by completely cleaning out the inside of the refrigerator. All of the drawers and shelves need to be taken out and scrubbed properly with warm water and a cloth. You can then wipe them down with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Baking soda can be used here to ensure that the smell stays at bay for longer time periods.

Dehumidify the Cellar

It is not uncommon for cellars to get plagued by mildew, which causes dampness. This can often curate some unpleasant smells which can make the whole house unbearable to live in. when this happens, you can use tea tree oil with an alcohol to dehumidify the area and get rid of the musty scent. This will neutralize the odor in no time and leave the cellar fresh and dry.

Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwashers are forgotten usually when it comes to cleaning. Even once a month, you can use a dishwasher cleaning tablet that will make your appliance smell amazing. This not only rinses out the dishwasher completely but also adds a good smell which will last you quite a while.


Scenting Your Toilet Brush

Hear me out: this is one of those hacks that you did not know you needed but they actually work well. Toilet brushes are disgusting as it is, but there is no reason why yours cannot smell fresh. You can add scented cleaners to the holder so whenever you take the brush out, it looks and smells new.

Cleaning Solution for the Home

You will definitely clean out your entire house once every season. So why not up your game by using an effective cleaning solution? You can add this strong solution to the cleaning rag and wipe your cabinets, sinks and window sills to cover all bases. You can wipe down the walls and doors as well, leaving your home looking spotless and smelling amazing.

Natural Disinfectants

A lot of people have an issue with chemicals in disinfectants and air fresheners. To deodorize your home in a natural way, you can make your own disinfectant! Take the help of your favorite essential oils like lemon and lavender and then leave them around the home. They do not just eradicate the bacteria, but also allow your home to have a wonderful new smell.

Wardrobe Deodorizer

Wardrobes can often become victims of all kinds of bad smells. These most likely come from used clothing, like socks and old shoes. Sometimes the dusty shirts you do not wear for years can become a cause of bad smells. To avoid this, you can use tea bags as wardrobe deodorizers. Once you hang them over the rails, you will note how the bad smells get absorbed completely.

Smoke Smells

Smoke can accumulate in your home very easily, especially when it comes to regular smokers. You can use hand towels and white vinegar as a diffuser and walk through your house. The smell will vanish in no time and you will feel fresh and natural.


It is common that bad smells cling to a house and refuse to leave. You can follow the given tips and tricks and use natural ingredients to change the stench. You will be able to easily rid any rooms of a bad scent and have a pleasant fragrance all around you. You can employ some easy means and tactics to ensure that the smell does not plague you all day. These can be natural remedies or simple DIYs depending on your needs. The good thing is, they are effective.

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