How To Look After Your Eyes When You’re At Work

How To Look After Your Eyes When You’re At Work

Technology is a big factor in our businesses, assisting us with everything we do. Sadly, with the intense usage in technology that is required nowadays can make a massive impact on our eye health. This can cause a lot of damage from dryness and the blue light that can come off our screens. Using these top tips will help you to look after your eyes along with noticing that you can concentrate for longer. 

Contact lenses

If you buy contact lenses from Eye Contacts, then you will see there are loads of possibilities like coloured lenses so you can change them to a different shade for a new look or multifocal lenses which you can get in dailies or monthlies in, depending on what sort your lifestyle you have. They are a great option if you find wearing glasses annoying or heavy to wear all day at work, leaving marks on your nose. 

Blue light filter glasses 

Wearing blue light filter glasses are becoming quite popular on the market due to the high usage of technology, that protects your eye health with the ease of putting on glasses, preventing problems later on. From buying your train tickets to writing up a report, we are always on a digital screen that gives off blue light that comes harmful and damages our eyes if not protected with glasses that include a filter to stop blue light from going through. 


The sun can create a lot of damage to our eyes with the UV rays, making it hard to concentrate. Whether it’s a beautiful, sunny day or dull, cloudy morning, UV rays can affect our eyes later in life. There is an easy solution for this, and that is to wear sunglasses when you’re outside during the day. If you want to avoid carrying around two pairs of glasses, then getting a coating like reactions so you can go out, and they will react to the sun and get darker when they are in contact of UV rays. 

Eye drops 

If you suffer from dry eyes from concentrating on screens all day then using a couple of eye drops like Hycosan can relieve any discomfort from dryness and work with contact lenses. You can also get eye drops that specially cater to pollen allergies and hay fever if you are a sufferer during the warmer months. You could use an eye spray if you are not keen on placing drops on your eyes, then you can spray this over closed eyes for a fast solution if you are out and about in between meetings. 


It can be hard to find a quick fix to soothe the eyes when you’re at the desk and unable to come away. If you close your eyes, you can press your fingers firm but gently under your eyes and on your eyebrows, focusing mainly on your pressure points by pressing and holding on these points to drain the eyes. After a long, hard day, applying an eye mask can hydrate around the eyes, or you can buy a treatment mask that can be heated in the microwave to calm and comfort your eyes. 

Hopefully, with these top five tips, your eyes will feel refreshed and hydrated along with having the option to swap your glasses for contact lenses to leave your eyes free of heavy objects. 

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