How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

It seems to be more common these days for people to be living in apartments and townhouses. People are choosing to downsize their living space to get a better, more convenient location or reduce the size of their mortgage. Just because you have less space on your floor plan, doesn’t mean you need to feel like you are living in a shoe box. Here are 17 bright ideas on how to make a small room look, and feel bigger:

Clear the clutter – One very easy way to make any room look and feel bigger is to remove all the clutter. Having a space that is not filled with ‘stuff’ will give your eye the illusion that there is more space.

Drench the room in light hues – Light colours will make a room look more light and open. Pastels, neutrals and crisp pale blues and greys are a good choice for walls. While flooring, furniture, shelving and bench tops should also be in lighter colours to help give the idea of more room.

Find furniture that is multi-purpose – If you are trying to find more space, it makes more sense to choose furniture that has a couple of uses. Why not find a coffee table that has draws underneath for storage or an ottoman that can double as a coffee table when needed. Check out this ottoman from Coco Republic. It is sturdy enough to also be a coffee table and it also has storage underneath.

Don’t fill up all your shelves – If you have shelves in your room, don’t fill them up. Leave some open space between objects.

Use consistent flooring – If you have the same flooring in every room, your eye will travel to the next room giving the illusion of space. If you need to have carpet in one room and tiles in the other, at least choose the same colour.

Remove doors – Obviously, this won’t work for every room but if you can remove a door that never gets closed, it will give you more space. You can even look at options like bi-fold doors or sliding doors.

Choose furniture that are raised on legs – If you are choosing a lounge suite, find one that has legs and plenty of space underneath the lounge like this one from King Furniture. It will trick your eye by seeing more space around the couch and make the room look bigger.

Add a mirror or two – Mirrors are a great way to amplify the space in a room as they make it look like there is more space but they will also increase the light level. Try to put two mirrors on opposite walls so that the refection becomes infinite.

Avoid frills and ruffles – Choosing simple, streamlined linen and drapery and remove the bulk. This will definitely help to trim down what is in a room and create more space.

Let in the light – More natural light will help to give a room a bigger feel. Keep curtains and blinds open. If you don’t have a lot of light from windows, consider installing a sky light to help open up the space with more light.

Get stackable or foldable furniture – A great way to save space is to have furniture that stacks under itself or folds away. If you have friends over, you can get a table out and then hide it away when they are gone. Ikea has some good options like the Klubbo nest of tables.

Use see-through furniture – A glass dinning room table or coffee table is a good way to reduce the look of furniture (but not always practical if you have young kids).

Tall on the edge, low in the middle – Keep tall pieces of furniture at the edge of a room, right against the wall if possible. Place low furniture in the middle. Also, if possible, keep walkways and halls furniture free.

Use slim furniture – Thin, light furniture will give you a spacious feel as opposed to large, overstuffed pieces. Find furniture with a smaller footprint and you will find more space. But, don’t take this as an excuse to add more furniture as too many smaller pieces can have the same effect as a couple of big pieces.

Stick with a few colours – Adding too many different colours, patterns or colours that don’t complement each other will draw your eye in too many directions and will result in making your room look smaller. Find a colour that you like and keep walls, floor and furniture in a similar hue.

Allow space between furniture – Don’t push all your furniture together. If you have space around your furniture pieces, the space will feel more roomy.

Think about smooth lines – Choose tables and sofas with round edges to help open up a room. Your eye is tricked when it sees the round edges to thinking there is more space. Vespa from ByDesign is a good example of a dinning table that is round and it also has a glass top and legs with space..

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