17 Bright Ideas On How To Reduce Electricity Bill At Home
How to reduce electricity bill at home

17 Bright Ideas On How To Reduce Electricity Bill At Home

Wonder how to reduce electricity bill at home? The cost of electricity and gas continue to increase. Utility bills are among your biggest household expense and they are predicted to only get higher! If you’re looking to cut your costs, they’re obvious places to start. Here are 17 bright ideas to help reduce your utility bills.

Plug Gaps With Caulking – Your house loses a lot of heat and energy through the cracks in the basement, attic, and elsewhere. Instead of letting all that heat go to waste, plug the gaps with caulking.

Insulate Pipes – Want your water to stay hot on the way to and from the boiler? Then wrap the pipes in an insulating material, causing it to remain around 2 degrees warmer, and ensuring that the boiler needn’t do as much work.

Cover The Hot Water Heater – Hot water heaters use a lot of energy. Make sure that none of it escapes by covering the heater itself.

Add Coverings to Your Windows – Curtains, blinds and shutters are the ideal way to stop heat escaping from windows. Check out stores like Ikea and Spotlight for some budget options.

Get A Draught-Stopper For Doors – Get yourself a door snake to stop draughts coming under doors. This is very important for any doors that lead to outside.

Replace Dripping Taps – Water is expensive in and of itself, plus it takes a lot of energy to get it to your home. Replace leaking faucets with new ones.

Install A Smart Meter – Only want to pay for the energy you use? Install a smart meter and get accurate pricing. A good was on how to reduce electricity bill at home.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced – Dirty air filters can reduce air conditioner efficiency by more than 10 percent. Get them changed every couple of years.

Use A Ductless HVAC – Swap out your traditional HVAC system, which needs a big hole in the wall to work, for a ductless version with less air loss.

Stop Using Incandescent Lights – Incandescent light bulbs use about 10 times as much energy as LED bulbs, and they stop working much sooner.

Unplug Your Wine Chiller – Wine chillers use a lot of energy doing very little. Unplug the wine cooler and find somewhere naturally cool to keep your liquor.

Compare Utility PlansRead more here about comparing plans. So many companies have discounted rates that they only offer if you ask so give them a call to get a better plan.

Install Ceiling Fans – Things can get really hot in the summer. But for every degree you turn down the thermostat, the price goes up enormously. Try creating a breeze instead by installing a ceiling fan.

Dehumidify – Wet heat feels a lot warmer and stuffier than dry heat. It might be a good idea, therefore, to use a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the air before altering the thermostat. Drying out the air makes the heat more bearable.

Cut Showers Short – Taking a long shower of 20 minutes or more can end up using more water than a standard bath. If you want to cut the amount of water you use by showering, shower for 10 minutes or less.

Use Low-Water Shower Heats – Some shower heads are specially designed to reduce the amount of water emitted by the shower unit while preserving cleaning action.

Use Aerated Taps In The Kitchen – Aerators make it feel like you’re using more water than you actually are, which is helpful when you’re doing the dishes.

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