17 Bright Ideas On How To Relieve My Back Pain
Want to know how to relieve my back pain?

17 Bright Ideas On How To Relieve My Back Pain

Do you look for ways on ‘how to relieve my back pain’?Here in the western world, we are suffering from an epidemic of sorts – back pain. Studies have shown that tribes people and village dwellers of underdeveloped countries hardly ever suffer from the type of back issues we do over here, so lifestyle is most definitely a factor. The impact a bad back can have on your life can be significant. If you suffer from back pain at all, it is important to see your doctor, of course. But the following bright ideas can help you ease your symptoms and answer your question of “how to relieve my back pain?”

Regular exercise – First of all, researchers believe most of our back issues arise from a sedentary lifestyle – those tribespeople are on their feet all day, whereas we often sit behind a desk. So, the first step is to get out there and strengthen those back muscles, and taking more exercise is the best thing for it. Talk to your doctor to see what might work for you.

Regular short breaks from the desk – A little exercise each day will help, but you also need to stay active for the rest of your day. Never sit for more than a couple of hours straight – get up, get out, and walk around. Not only will you help to reset your back’s position, but you’ll also enhance your circulation, which in turn will speed up muscle repair.

Ice it – When you have a sore back, there is a good chance it is due to inflammation or swelling. An ice pack – or even a bag of frozen peas with a dishcloth wrapped around it – can be an effective way of easing your symptoms. It’s especially useful for muscle strains, and a simple 20 minutes of ice treatment can help reduce the swelling and pain you get from strains.

Heat it – Is the cold too much for you? If so, then use a heat pack – you can pick one up from any chemist or even use a hot water bottle. The heat pack will ease your painful symptoms, and also promotes healing. If you don’t have access to any heat treatments of any kind, try having a long bath in warm water – it should have a similar effect.

Fix your posture – Given that many people suffer back problems due to incorrect posture, it makes sense to work on it and make improvements. A back specialist will take photos of you standing in a relaxed position, and will be able to identify slouches, unusual gaits, and other problem areas. Then it’s a simple case of making sure you are standing up straight and doing exercises to help strengthen your vulnerable muscle groups.

Strength training – Back problems are also associated with weak muscles, so strength training – particularly core exercises – will help you build up muscle in the right places. Don’t worry about bulking up, the main point here is to develop your lean muscle and improve your support.

Consume more Vitamin C Believe it or not, Vitamin C doesn’t just protect you from colds and sniffles – it’s also great for strengthening your back muscles. However, don’t use this as a green light to start drowning gallons of fruit juices, as it’s bad for your sugar levels and teeth. Eat whole fruits rather than juices, and also look at Vitamin C-rich veggies like kale, broccoli, and red peppers.

Lose weight – When you weigh too much, you’ll find that there is more pressure applied to your joints and knees and it’s your back that often takes the strain. Watch out of you are heaviest around your midriff, too, as many people with pot bellies also suffer back problems. Do you best to lose weight, and your spinal issues should subside.

Try acupuncture – According to some studies, acupuncture can have a significant short-term effect on back pain. There are various theories as to how it works, although science is still debating whether acupuncture changes brain chemistry, speeds up the flow of pain-killing chemicals, or triggers natural opioids. Regardless, many people report an easing of their back pain with acupuncture so it might be worth a try.

Know your back – The next idea is a simple one – yet so few people try it. If you suffer from back problems, always be wary of what you are doing. Picking up boxes, turning quickly, and even walking on uneven surfaces can all trigger a bolt of pain in your back. If you know your back and avoid doing silly things you shouldn’t, you will find you will get better, faster.

Carry carefully – On the subject of picking things up, always make sure you carry heavy objects close to your body. Otherwise, you will find that you bend naturally in the wrong places and end up with more strain and pain.

Bend your knees – We can’t stress it enough, but always bend your knees when picking up anything, no matter how light it might be. You’re asking for trouble if you don’t.

Visit the swimming pool – Swimming is a great activity for people with back pain, as you get a lot of exercise while being supported by the water. Researchers state that swimming is the best possible aerobic exercise for bad backs – so get in the pool and reap the benefits!

Massage – Massage can help ease muscle tension, which is a big problem when you have a bad back. It also helps improve your circulation, so can speed up your recovery. If you need an excuse to get treatment at your local spa, then a bad back fits the bill perfectly!

Sleep – Your muscles repair themselves while you sleep, so it makes sense that if you are struggling to get shut eye, you won’t be making your back any better. A firm mattress that supports your neck is vital for people with bad backs so it might be time to investigate a bedroom upgrade.

Painkillers – Not everyone likes taking painkillers, but the reality is that you might need them. It’s best to use other solutions first, but when you absolutely have to reach for the ibuprofen, don’t be afraid to do so.

Be calm – Finally, a little meditation can go a long way. Stress, trauma and tiredness can all contribute to back pain, so the less you have, the better your back will feel. Yoga, Mindfulness, or even a ten minute period of relaxing calm will help.

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