17 Bright Ideas on How To Start A Home Cake Business

17 Bright Ideas on How To Start A Home Cake Business

Do you want to how to start a home cake business? Do people often tell you that you could sell the beautiful cakes you make? Would you love to have an at home business you can do while your kids are young? Have you wondered what’s the first step to getting your own cake business going? Is it easy or hard or even do-able? Well, you are in the right place! Rebekah Allan from Angel Foods has written us 17 Bright Ideas on How to Start A Home Cake Business:

Decide on a business name – Don’t over think your name. Keep it simple and it can be changed later. Try to think of a name that represents you and is easy to remember.

Get an ABN – For a legal business in Australia and NZ, this is essential.  It only taken 40 minutes online and is free.

Create a Website – Weebly is your answer, as this free website service. Super easy to use, no techy knowledge required and you can have a website within an hour. Seriously.

Register your business name – This costs only $30 (ish) and takes 40 minutes online. Take a look at the ATO website.

Set Up Email – Create a business email address with someone like Gmail or Yahoo. Takes 5 minutes and is important for your communication with customers.

Business Cards – Order FREE business cards from Vistaprint. Yep, free – just go with the 250 starter business cards. It takes 2-10 mins, because choosing an image is fun (+ $10 for shipping). Proof read it before you hit the go button!

Council License – Get a Food License from your local council. This is easier than you think and costs approximately $400.

Practice Baking and Decorating – Just as important as being a legal business, you want to have consistent results and have a good product that people are going to want to pay for. Check out this video of mine for hints and tips.

Social Media – Set up a Facebook, Twitter & Instagram business page. This is great for getting orders and creating interest.  Remember to share on your personal pages and in groups and don’t forget to use lots of photos of your amazing products.

Get the Right Tools – The right tools can be cheaper than you think! Most cake makers already have an oven, tins, fridge as well as mixing bowl and spatula, hand held beater and scales. You do need canvas piping bags (I like professional Thompkin brand). The piping bags are $15 and nozzles are $1.50 each. For more tools you need for starting a cake biz, go here.

Keep all your receipts – Keep track of all your expenses and sales. This is then given to your accountant at tax time.

Advertise Your Business – This can be done for free on Gumtree and TrueLocal. Also visit local notice boards and place notes there. This is where your business cards or vouchers can be used.

Order Cake Packaging – You’ll want your product to be transported well so it keeps its integrity and this will help your business to look professional. Try local packaging places, to save on postage fees. You might also want to get some personalised stickers make up with your business name and phone number to stick on every box.

Sample – Approach café’s and restaurants with your free samples and tell you friends and family you are taking cake orders. They will be your biggest supporters. Sell at the markets & hand out business cards. Why not give your good friends free samples for their kids birthday parties and see how the other parents love your cakes.

Know your Pricing – Write up a Pricing Guide, so you know what to charge. You want to actually make money so it’s very important to know what you spend before you know how much to sell for. Also know what your competitors are selling their cakes for. See the example here from the Angle Food website.

Write a Business Plan – Your business plan doesn’t need to be elaborate but it will help you to know what you are doing, why you are doing it and where you want to go. Click here for this is a great one-page template

  • About Our Author: Rebekah Allan from Angel Cakes: Lover of all things Cake + Business, helping hobby cake makers start their dream biz, 1 step-at-a-time. “For those who don’t know my story… I am Rebekah Allan, a Cake Business Coach and the creator of Angel Foods. We started in 2010 with a *little* cupcake biz dream of selling Gluten Free cupcakes at the markets. I practiced and prepared then I started selling at the markets, where café’s would ask me to supply their shops. At the 6 months mark, I started taking cake orders & it was so busy! From then, we were so busy we formed a company, trademarked & franchised nationally (1st one at 9 months!) We have since written & launched eBooks & eCourses, recorded and launched cake decorating video tutorials on our YouTube channel Angel Foods TV & launched a new website. http://www.youtube.com/AngelFoodsTV Cake Business puts fire in my belly & happiness in my soul.”
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