Help Me! I Need To Know How To Stop Rats In My House
How To Stop Rats In My House

Help Me! I Need To Know How To Stop Rats In My House

Question: What Bright Ideas Do You Have On How To Stop Rats In My House?


Pest infestations in the home are never pleasant but rats have got to be one of the worst possibilities. They’re dirty, destructive and they can even bring fleas right along with them. That’s a double pest whammy if ever we heard of one. Not to mention that rats can gnaw through electrical cords and even pose a risk to pets.

It’s no wonder then that most of us aim to get rid of rats as soon as we become aware of their presence but, what happens if they just keep coming back? Sometimes, the moment you get rid of one infestation, you find yourself dealing with another outbreak. 

Sadly, it’s a reality some of us face when it comes to rats and, if you’re dealing with your third or forth infestation, you may well be at your wit’s end.

Step 1: If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to contact a company like who can help you get rid of these awful pests.

Step 2: There are things you can do to make sure you don’t have a problem in the beginning:


Food is a big one for rats and often the main culprit in understanding how to stop rats getting into your house. If you store food down low or leave crumbs on your floors, it may not be long before your ratty friends find it. Even if you set up bird feeders outside, rats are sure to come begging. The solutions to these issues are easy enough. You should clean your floors often and keep all food above head height. Also consider how you store food. Any open packets or open food bins could tempt unwanted critters. As for your bird feed, invest in something like the feeders found at, which ensure that less seed will fall onto the floor. 


Wrong Time, Wrong Place

If you are stressing about how to stop rats from coming into your house because no matter what you do to keep your home pest free, it may be that you’re simply in the wrong area. If you live near rivers or sewage systems, you’re particularly at risk here. That’s not to say that you’re doomed to lifelong infestation. But, it does mean you’ll need to go to extreme measures to keep the critters out. You should repair any holes in your fence the moment they appear. You may need to consider permanent rat traps outside you home. This is a good time to consult advice from an expert.

Your House Has Been Marked

Sometimes, an old infestation can mark your house, leading the way for more rats in the future. You don’t need us to tell you that rats are pretty stinky at times and, if they mark your house, it should come as no surprise that the smell can tempt other rats from miles around. In truth, this isn’t an easy issue to fix. It could involve digging up your garden, painting your exterior walls, and scrubbing everything. Over time, you should be able to kill of that scent and deal with rats coming into your home. 

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