How to Stop the Flu Spreading

How to Stop the Flu Spreading

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How to Stop Flu from Spreading to All Members of the Family

Our Members question this week is on the topic of the flu.  As me and my whole family have just suffered a few weeks of it being spread across all members of the family its a topic close to my heart also!  I wish I had followed some of this information myself before the whole family caught it.

Please note this information is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice.  Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health or your families.

Q: “How do I stop the flu spreading to all members of the family once one person gets it?”

I think if I had the answer to that one I would be a millionaire!  Its the age old problem.  Someone brings a cold or the flu home from school, work or childcare and then it spreads to all members of the family such that poor Mum and Dad despite how sick they are themselves have to spend weeks trying to get everyone better.  The whole family feels horrible and whats worse it can last for ages due to re-infections.

I have done some online research and can  let you know what I have found:

  • Good Hygiene practices – washing hands, sneezing into a tissue etc
  • Get immunised
  • Boost your immunity – Try out our 17 Bright Ideas for Immunity Boosting Foods
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth
  • Keep the sick person quarantined in bed.
  • Disinfect everything.  Now is not the time to be shy with the cleaning.

Hope that helps and you and your family stay healthy.  Good Luck!

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