17 Bright Ideas On How To Take A Good Selfie

17 Bright Ideas On How To Take A Good Selfie

Kim Kardashian, Rhianna and Miley Sirus have perfected the art of taking a selfies (a photo you take of yourself, usually with your phone camera). So why is it you can’t seem to get you the perfect pic? Just follow these 17 bright ideas and see if you can take a good Selfie then share it with the world, or just those you love.

Background – Take a look to see what is going to be behind you. Sometimes it might be good to lie on the ground or take the photo upwards. Look for something simple, clean and neutral. You don’t want people making faces in your selfie. This is a great way to take a good selfie that will stand out from the crowd.

Lighting – As with any photo, you need to work out where the best light is to take a good selfie. Diffused natural light is always better than direct artificial light.

Camera position – Holding the camera up high will look different when the camera is down low. Up high (looking down on yourself) at a 45o angle seems to be most flattering as it can reduce the look of a double chin and slims down the nose and face.

Practice your angles – Get a mirror and practice a few face and body angles see what works best for you. Like all good models, you need to know what your best angles are. Try and tilt your head to one side as straight on photos can sometimes be less flattering.

Self-confidence – If you are new to the selfie then you might need to work on your confidence. Get out there and take your photo! Don’t get embarrassed to take a photo of yourself. Confidence is why Kim can take a good selfie!

Make-up – Just like any other photo, or maybe more so if you are planning on posting online, you need to consider your make-up. You don’t need to look overdone or unnatural, a simple touch of powder, concealer and lip gloss can help in making your selfie look more polished.

What are you wearing? – The more comfortable you are in what you have on, the more relaxed you will look in your photo. Try taking a selfie when you are all dressed up and feeling good and see how great it turns out. Also be wary of patterns and shiny clothing.

Big shiny hair – Adding volume and shine to your hair can help to improve your selfie.  Photos can make hair look flat and dull so you need to amp it up to compensate. Take steps to create great hair to take a good selfie.

Try to be natural – It is a selfie so don’t try to be Kate Moss on the cover of Vanity Fair. Let your face have a natural pose which will reflect you more. To take a good selfie – No ‘duck-face’ or pouty lips please.

Filters – Simply by adding a filter to your selfie, you can make it look alluring and interesting. Check out some Apps like Picstitch, PhotoToaster, Instagram, CrossProcess, Pixlr, O’Matic and Photoshop. Some great filters include: Lo-Fi, X-Pro II, Amaro, Mayfair, Valenica and Inkwell. Do you love of any others, let us know?

Mirror-mirror – Try to take a shot of your reflection in a mirror. This works well if you want to get all of you in the photo, like if you want to show of how good you look in an outfit head to toe.

Be a little off centre – Don’t put yourself right in the middle of the shot. Position yourself slightly off centre to create a more professional look and a memorable photo. A great idea to take a good selfie.

Take off your phone cover – Often, phone covers can obscure or reduce the camera lens or even reduce light so take it off and see if it improves things.

Know when you use the flash – Make sure you turn it off when it is not needed, especially if you are taking a photo in a mirror.

Do something interesting – If you are doing something in your photo, or you are with someone else, it makes for a more interesting shot.  The people looking at your photo will appreciate it if there is more to the photo than just you.

Experiment – The way to know what works the best is get out there and experiment with all the above ideas and find what you think makes a great Selfie.

Know your audience – What are you trying to achieve? Are you planning to show your pic to your family and friends; your partner; or is it just for you or the entire world? Think about what your audience might be interested in and change your look accordingly.

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