How To Tile A Bathroom
Here Is How To Tile A Bathroom

How To Tile A Bathroom

How To Tile A Bathroom

Have you wondered “How To Tile A Bathroom”? If you would like to tile a bathroom shower, or attempt to tile a bathroom floor, here are some step by step instructions on how to tile a bathroom.

When it comes to redecorating your home, the bathroom is a task which is a little more complicated than the other rooms in the house, mainly because you will have to change your hardware and try to lay your own bathroom floor tiles. We can’t aways buy the perfect home so DIY could be the best way to add true value to a home. Today we are going to talk through the tiling process step by step, to save you having to pay out for someone else to do the job for you. You can pick the tiles you love and even create an artistic mosaic on the walls if you gain confidence. Let your creative side out and have fun with the process.


Measure Floor

First of all, measure your floor and convert it into metres squared. You will then be able to buy packs of floor tiles to fit the space you have. You will also be able to work out how much mortar, grout and backing board you need. Remember to measure then remeasure! This is crucial to a great tiling result. Get this right and you’ll see how easy it is to tile a bathroom because everything else just takes practice.


Prepare Underlayment

Underlay your surfaces with a cement board to provide a smooth and sturdy surface for your bathroom that will make it much easier for you to attach tiles. You can use a jigsaw to cut out holes for where the toilet sink and bathtub are. Visit your local hardware and get some tips from them about laying tiles and what products are best to use. Use their know-how.


Attach Underlayment

To attach the underlay, use a drill to attach the cement board to the floor underneath. Try and lay them approximately 6 inches apart. Underlay for tiling will give you a professional job and make sure its a long lasting DIY job.


Determine Tile Layout

If you are using more than one colour, or different size tiles to rim the perimeter of the room, you will want to plan this out and lay the outer tiles first. Use tile spacers to make sure that as you lay the tiles, they are square and straight. Position the tiles on the floor so you can see if any need to be cut to accommodate for the toilet or sink. If you are a beginner, start with a simple design in one colour to make tiling you bathroom a much easier and less stressful job.


Cut Tile

Use a tile saw to cut down any tiles that need to fit in the room. You can hire a tile cutter and make sure you get good instructions about cutting tiles before you attempt to do this at home. Also make sure you have the correct safety equipment to do the job and keep the tile cutter and other equipment away from kids and animals – very important.


Place Cut Tiles

Check that you have cut the tiles correctly by placing them on the floor to see if everything fits well. Once you are happy with the layout, remove the tiles so that you can begin. Laying tiles on you bathroom floor will also give you a great 1st look at your end result. Most professional tilers will use a chalk line to divide the room into quarters then work from the middle out. This is a critical step when you want to know how to tile a bathroom


Apply Thinset Mortar

The first step to applying your tiles is to first lay a thin coat of mortar on the floor with a notched trowel. Place the tiles carefully on top, using the tile spacers as you go, until the whole room is tiled. It will now take 24 hours to dry fully before you can continue. Use a spirit level to make sure the floor tiles in your bathroom are even.


Apply Grout

Once the mortar is dry, you’ll need to grout the tiles. Remove the tiles spacers and use grout to fill in all the empty spaces between tiles. Grout can come in a variety of colours. Make sure you get the right colour to suit the look you are working towards. Often it works best to have light grout with light coloured tiles and dark grout for dark tiles but there are no rules.


Wipe Away Excess Grout

Using an old credit card or something thin and sturdy, skim the surface of your tiles to get rid of excess grout. Once you’ve done this, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the tiles clean.


Apply Grout Sealer

Once the grout is dry, apply grout sealer and you’re done!  Tiling a bathroom floor will feel like an amazing achievement. Now you know How To Tile A Bathroom!

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