How To Turn Your Love Of Kids Into A New Career
how to turn your love of kids into a new career

How To Turn Your Love Of Kids Into A New Career

As a parent, w all love our own kids, but some of us have more of that caring instinct than we know what to do with. If a love of children and a real care for them has always been a major part of your life, could it be a major part of your career, as well? Here, we’re going to look at five paths you could take that could really make use of that passion. Here is how to turn your love of kids into a new career…


It’s one of the most obvious options, but it can also be one of the toughest. Teachers don’t get as much support as they need and often have to deal with huge workloads. Check out to see if you have the right attitude and values to make a career as a teacher workable. Teachers that genuinely care about how much their students learn are always in demand.

Start A Childcare

Lots of working parents need a little help ensuring their child is cared for all throughout the day. Some start a childcare from their own home, or from scratch. However, you can visit to find the businesses ready for sale that you can pick up and run with. Make sure you have the proper education and qualifications before looking into this career, of course. It may be an investment, but a well-situated childcare provider is a business that’s always in demand.

Set Up A Party Planning Business

We all know those people who are just constantly the life of the party when they’re with children. They know what makes them tick and how to keep them entertained. If that’s you, then planning kids parties can be a real career. There are birthdays every single day of the year and parents who are always looking for someone who can take some of the effort of the big day off their hands.

Family Photographer

This is a good idea for those who already have some training with digital or high-quality photography. gives some more specific tips on how you can start redirecting those skills to be more relevant to creating family portraits. If you love kids, then you are going to love working with happy families hoping to commemorate those little moments in their lives. It might be a small contribution but playing a role in celebrating that family can be rewarding in its own right.

Becoming A Social Worker

Social workers have to deal with some heavy subject material. Everything from abusive and neglectful households to kids that have special needs that can be difficult to accommodate for. However, these kids are the most vulnerable in our society and need someone to look out for their interests when it really and truly matters. Social workers can make a huge difference if you have the constitution for it.


Some of the most important, yet undervalued, careers are those that help look after and shape the children within our society. We need more teachers, caregivers, and social workers that truly care for the best interests of children. We’ve shown you how to turn your love of kids into a new career, let us know if you’ve got any other bright ideas…

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