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Know How To Use Colour In Your Home

Posted November 10, 2017 by Vicki Radford

How To Use Colour In Your Home? If you want to lift your spirits, you might reach for a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate. But the colour that your home is could actually have an impact on your mood too. It is a very powerful tool in our homes that often gets overlooked. It can help you to feel calm, cheerful, dramatic, and even stressed. For example, if you have a highly stressful job, then coming home to sit in a bright red living room could just add to your stress level. So what does the colour in your home do for you?


Light colours are good in smaller homes where rooms are much smaller too. It can create a light and airy feel. Deeper, more luxe colours, like emerald green or purple are better to be used in larger rooms they can make smaller rooms look even smaller as they are so deep in nature. If you have narrow spaces, like walkways and hallways, then it could be worth painting opposing walls different colours to create the look of a larger and more open space. 


How To Use Colour In Your Home

The Right Colour Will Create The Mood You Want


If you want to create a cozy feel of a room, for a living area or den perhaps, then use warm colours. Soft yellows, oranges, and reds can help to create a calm and warm feeling, allowing you to relax. Colder colours like pale blue can give you a calming feeling, but don’t create as much of a cozy feeling. So cooler colours are better for bedrooms or bathrooms as you want to feel more calm in those rooms. If the colour in the rooms in your home is a little mixed up, then it might be worth getting some house painters in to change things up a little. It is worth looking into the psychology of colour and the impact that it has on you and in your home.


Green colours can represent growth and renewal. It can be quite a calming colour, depending on which shades you use, as it can represent grass and the outdoors. It is a rich colour and is very versatile. Celery green can look airy, light, and bright in a kitchen or bathroom, whereas a richer green can create a warm and homey look in a living area.


Dining areas don’t need to have too much of a cozy colour, as you aren’t there to feel too cozy, right? Rich and luxury colours like purple, deep blue, and accents of silver or gold can be good in a dining room. It can depend on the style of furniture that you have, of course. But an all white dining room could be a little too cold and lifeless.

How To Use Colour In Your Home

Know What You Want To Achieve THEN Find The Right Colour

So don’t be afraid to experiment a little with colour. Of course, you have tastes that you prefer over others. But the impact that the colour has on mood is an important consideration too. What colour is your home mostly? What do you think that the colours says about you and your mood?

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