I Need To Move It, Move It!

I Need To Move It, Move It!

Despite the cold weather lately, I am sure that summer is just a few weeks away and it seems that I am not alone in trying to get more heathy. Everyone I seems to talk to lately is increasing their exercise with the aim of getting fitter for the warmer months and party season.

I think it is about time that I ‘moved it’ a bit more too. The big question is how do you do that when you have kids and work? Maybe what I need to do is increase my incidental exercise? So here are my top 3 ideas that I am going to try this week:

1) Dance with the kids. You have probably noticed kids never sit still. Put on some fun music and they seem to jump around and have fun. What I am going to do this week is jump around with them and have some fun instead of just stilling back and watching them.

2) Don’t use a Washing Basket. This sounds a bit funny and will take a bit longer but instead of taking the clothes out of the washing machine, into the washing basket and walking all my clothes to the washing line, I will take two pieces of clothing out of the washing machine, walk them to the cloths line and hang them. Then I will go back and take another 2 pieces of clothing and repeat the process until all clothes are washed. This could be equal to a 10 minute slow walk. Hope the rain goes away as this doesn’t work as well if I am putting clothes in the dryer.

3) Hide the TV Remote. Getting up to change the TV channel every time is great exercise for the thighs as you will be getting up and down from your seat quite a bit.

I am going to see how I go with these 3 incidental exercises. As they say, everything helps??

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