17 Bright Ideas For Refurbishing A House
Ideas for refurbishing a house

17 Bright Ideas For Refurbishing A House

Looking for some ideas for refurbishing a house? Sometimes your house just needs a little refurb. It can become stale, and lack the life it so desperately needs. But this is natural with any home. Once you get your own place and start working and need to balance a social life etc. things can become a little rushed. It is only natural that the design of your home will become a little outdated. But if you’ve finally reached the stage where you’re thinking, ‘something needs to be done here’, then you’ve come to the right place. The 17 pointers in this article should help you decide what you can do to your home to give it a new lease of life.

A Paint Job – An obvious one to some, maybe, but still people don’t seem to do it. A new colour, or even just a fresh coat will completely transform a room, more than people care to realise.

New Furniture – Furniture can so easily become outdated. Leather is so much more popular at the minute, and some great pieces can be found at a leather furniture store. There’s something about them that just looks so much more sophisticated than any of the other materials.

Lights – Lights aren’t only just for brightening the room, they’re great for decoration. There’s some really cool lighting covers out there, the spiraling chandelier effect would be perfect for the dining room. Just make sure you get a qualified electrician to make any electrical changes.

Flooring – We all miss that fluffy new carpet feeling once it’s gone. So if yours is a bit outdated, look for something fresh and new, maybe even go a different colour. You could also switch it up and go laminate or wood. Think about who lives in your house and which flooring style suits you the best before you make changes.

Accessories – Accessories aren’t just for your body. Fill your rooms with cute things. A chalkboard in the kitchen for notes or a vase in the middle of your dining table. Visit discount stores for items that are ‘in the moment’ but won’t break your budget.

Tech – Technology is great for refurbing a room. Treat yourself to a brand new 50” TV for the living room or a Google Home for the kitchen. High tech can look great and help to improve your home.

Rugs – A grey or brown fluffy rug is perfect for the bedroom. A large rug under the dinning table or a long hallway runner can also make an impact.

Bath/Shower – This is a bigger refurb, but sometimes your bathroom can become so outdated and just needs a complete redo. This is one of the  top ideas for refurbishing a house as it has great impact.

Wall Art – This is perfect for your kids rooms, they can choose their favourite Disney characters etc. and have them painted on the wall or find wall stickers that you can easily remove if you are a renter or don’t want too much fuss.

Family Pictures – Have a frame going up the wall of the stairs filled with all your favourite family pictures or get a collection of different but complementing frames to place on the buffet or hallway..

Outdoors The outdoors is just as important as the indoors. Now the sun is shining again, make your garden a haven of pretty flowers.

Hot Tub – One of the best things you’ll ever purchase. Perfect for those nights where you really need to relax.

Hammock – Indoor hammocks are so in right now. A quick ideas for refurbishing a house without having to spend too much money. Just make sure you install it correctly and safely.

Outhouse – Will take a bit of work to do, but is the perfect escape from the house is a great ideas for refurbishing a house. Just check with council before you add any buildings to your property.

Jungle Gym Play Set – Great for the kids, and can be purchased online or at some garden centres.

Plantation Shutters – Plantation Shutters can really make a huge change to your home. They will give you a clean, simple and sophisticated look. Shop around and find a good price.

Boiling Water Tap – If you don’t know what one is, look it up, it’ll change your life. You add them to your sink and they can, not only, boil water but also give you sparkling and chilled water. A great way to get kids drinking more water.


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