17 Bright Ideas On How To Stop Over Eating During The Holidays

17 Bright Ideas On How To Stop Over Eating During The Holidays

Are you looking for ideas on how to stop over eating during the holidays? All the parties, family get togethers and running around can throw you out of your regular routine and cause you to  eat your way through the Christmas break. Our 17 bright ideas on how to stop over eating during the holidays might give you some tips and hints on how to stay in control of your food intake without losing all the fun of the festive season:

Don’t stop eating – If you severely restrict or avoid food during the day your more likely to overeat when you are out or at night time. Simply eat a balanced diet like you would normally outside of holiday season.

Plan – If you have parties and are going to attend family get togethers where food is the focus, plan what you are going to eat before the big day. Maybe have a simple dinner and breakfast on Christmas day or eat lightly before your work Christmas party. Even plan how many nibblies you’re going to eat. If you tell yourself your only going to have 5 chips, your more likely to stick to it than if you have no limit in mind.

Drink low calorie drinks – Fill yourself up on flavoured bubbly water or diet soft drinks during a party. It also helps to hold a glass in your hands so you don’t reach for finger food.

Enjoy yourself – Don’t stress about food and enjoy yourself. If all you do is worry about food and what you shouldn’t eat, you’ll just want to eat more. Try to relax.

Fill up on vegetables – It’s hard during the holidays not to eat so try to fill up on vegetables as they have loads of nutrition and are low in calories. Cut them up and have them ready in the fridge for when you feel peckish.

Water – Aim to drink 2l of water a day. Get a special jug or water bottle for the fridge and refill it everyday.

Drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink you consume – Alcohol is incredible high in calories (but very easy to consume) so break it up with a glass of bubbly water between drinks. Even better, be the designated driver and skip the alcohol all together for at least one party.

Increase your exercise – Try to increase your usual exercise routine to compensate for eating more food. Energy In needs to be = to energy out to not put on weight. Make it fun and get the kids to help.

Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach – You’ll feel more tempted to eat if you are starving.

Don’t just sit in front of the food – Move around at a party or go and play ball with the kids. If you simply sit at a table with loads of food in front of you, you’re just going to eat it.

Reduce your portions – It’s very easy to pile food high on your plate when there is so much delicious holiday food but make an effort to reduce your usual plate portion and don’t go back for seconds. Decide on this before you sit down at the table. Eat slowly – Chew your food longer and don’t shovel all the food into your mouth. Taking your time with a meal will help you to realise when you are full and you also won’t be so tempted to go back for seconds.

Wear something fitted – Wearing snug, form fitting clothing (but not restrictive) will help you feel more conscious of your body and will feel uncomfortable when you over eat. Wear a belt and don’t undo the belt the whole party.

Give yourself one day to relax – Why not plan to have one day where you don’t care what you eat. This might give you more motivation to be good for all the other days of the holidays.

Write down what you eat – If you really want to stay focused during the holidays then write down everything that you eat. This way you’ll know exactly when you’ve eaten too much.

Think before you bite – Every time to put something into your mouth say to yourself, “Do I really want this? Is it worth it?” This can help you to stop eating mindlessly and will help you to be more satisfied with what you do choose to eat.

Keep an apple in your bag at all times – If you are busy, running around you’ll always have something healthy to eat. It will also help you to avoid getting to the point where you are so hungry you just want to eat everything in site.

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