Ideas To Keep A Happy Relationship Happy

Ideas To Keep A Happy Relationship Happy

Have you Forgotten How to be a Couple instead of Mum & Dad?

We recently got a question from a member requesting some bright ideas for how to strengthen a relationship. Most of the times, when you have kids, you are ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ but at one time you were just a couple. It is important to not lose that friendship as one day, when the kids grow up, you will be a couple again.

Here are a few bright ideas on how to keep a great friendship alive:

Have a date night. This is often hard to arrange if you can’t arrange a baby sitter but going to dinner or the movies without the kids once a month (or a week if you can) is great. It is a great chance to chat and find out how your partner is doing without kids screaming, needing to be fed or fed. If you can’t arrange a baby sitter, have a candle lit dinner when the kids have gone to bed.

Tell your partner you love and appreciate them once a day. Things get so busy when you have a family that often you can forget to tell your partner that you love them and appreciate all they do. If we forget to communicate, our relationship can seem less stable. Remember to tell your partner that you value them and if they do the same you will both feel loved and appreciated.

Laugh together. Laughing can be attributed to releasing stress lowering hormones. The more you laugh, the happier you can be. If you laugh with your partner, it will help to bond you together and help the both of you cope with being parents, which can be very stressful.

These are just a few ways to help improve your relationship. If you have a bright idea, let us know as we’d love to add to our list.

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