17 Bright Ideas For Immunity Boosting Foods

17 Bright Ideas For Immunity Boosting Foods

If you are sick of getting the sniffles or your kids are constantly getting sick, try some of these foods to help keep the bugs away.
 Take a look at these immunity boosters this winter with these 17 Bright Ideas for Immune Boosting Foods: (Note – This information does not constitute Medical Advice.)

Yoghurt – Studies have shown eating yoghurt can boost levels of interferon (immunity booster), and the good bacteria in yoghurt helps keep the bad bacteria at bay.

Green Tea – Rich in anti oxidants this drink has been associated with making you smarter, protecting against some forms of cancer and helping you to loose weight.

Garlic  – A natural antibiotic and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Best results shown when eaten raw.

Carrots – Contains Beta Carotene, which boosts immunity.  Also best eaten raw.

Spinach – A rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Popeye wasn’t wrong – this stuff is good for you. Best eaten lightly steamed.

Sweet Potato – A fantastic source of vitamins, minerals including potassium and folate.  They have been associated with improved digestion, improved heart health and may even impact fertility.

Mushrooms – Packed full of antioxidants it is even said that they beat the immune fighting properties of the colourful vegetables. 

Salmon -Include essential fatty acids, which help the gastrointestinal system.

Capsicum – It has been reported that 1 red capsicum has enough Vitamin C for 10 people. That’s impressive!

Broccoli – Can boost the DNA repair in cells and may even help prevent heart attacks.  If your kids won’t eat broccoli check out Abby Cadabby “Hurray Hurrah for Broccoli” on You Tube, it’s so cute.

Barley – High in lignan which can help protect against cancers and heart disease, and also contains B group vitamins and iron. It’s great in Chicken Soup.

Honey – It has anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties. Thank you bees for creating something so good for us and making it taste sensational.

Oranges – High in Vitamin C. They are easy to eat and great for lunchboxes. Also high in fibre so leaves you feeling full for longer.

Blueberries – Natures superfood. Packed with anti oxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties can help ward off some cancers and heart disease.

Acai – Has free radical and reported age fighting characteristics. The berry of the Acai palm originating in Brazil. Often found in health food stores in a dried form.

Beef – Full of iron, zinc and selenium, but make sure portions sizes are limited and its lean.

Oats – We all know its good for cholesterol but now they have found that its also improves immunity by producing and anti-inflammatory protein.

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