Immunity Foods Bingo

Immunity Foods Bingo

Its only the beginning of winter and already the kids all had sniffles and sore throats, and my husband and I were not much better. I decided that we all needed a bit of a boost to our immune systems so I started researching foods that boost immunity.

Of course I wanted to share my new found knowledge with everyone so I have added 17 Bright Ideas for Immunity Boosting Foods for you all to have a look at. The one thing that occurred to me when I saw the list though was there were some foods that my kids would not eat willingly. You know the ones – faces get screwed up, the sniffing and pushing it around the plate starts and it accidently gets dropped on the floor. Hmmmm.

So I drew up a rewards chart and promptly began ticking peoples boxes whenever they ate the “Immunity Food”. But then my older son came home and said he had been playing bingo at school that day (for maths?), and it struck me – Immunity Foods Bingo!

Make up a bingo card for each member of the family ( get the kids to help), putting the names of the immunity foods in the boxes. At each meal make sure 2 or 3 of the immunity foods are included. Everytime a member of the family eats one of the foods on the card they get to tick it off. The first member of the family to tick off all the boxes on their card wins a prize! (another prize – not just great immunity).

Well, that was my bright idea – let me know your ideas for getting kids to eat healthy foods?

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