17 Bright Ideas To Improve Kids Behaviour

17 Bright Ideas To Improve Kids Behaviour

What does it take to improve kids behaviour? You love your little angels but find yourself wishing some days that they would listen to you more often or do things the first time you ask. Being a parent can be hard work and sometimes we just need a little inspiration so here are Sue’s 17 Bright ideas to Improve Kids Behaviour:

Positive feedback – Kids thrive on positive feedback.  Praise your child for what they do right, rather than focussing on the negative. Reward your child to improve kids behaviour and you will reap the rewards.

Let them make their own decisions – Give your child a sense of personal responsibility and the feeling that they can have some control over their own lives.  Help them to make appropriate decisions and see if this improves kids behaviour.

Follow through – Don’t make idle threats. If you say their is no dessert unless you eat your vegetables don’t give in an give them dessert when the veges are still on the plate. Kids will quickly find loop holes in the system and use them to their advantage.

Use play – Decide on the key problems you are having and then devise a game to encourage positive behaviour.  For example beat the clock for getting dressed, follow the leader to the car, basketball shots for getting the dirty laundry in the hamper, who can eat their capsicum the fastest etc.

Negative reinforcement – Sometimes the only way to improve kids behaviour and deal with a situation is to remove them from it, especially when the level of hysteria has reached fever pitch. Giving the child a time out or taking toys or treats away from them can work wonders to calm the situation.

Communicate clearly – Set out your expectations for your child in clear simple steps.  Tell them what you want them to do not what not to do.  Set out the Rules for your household,  such as be kind to your brothers and sister and share your toys. Reward them when you see them sharing and being considerate.

Limited choices – Give them a couple of choices of acceptable options. Great for fashionistas who like to choose their own clothes in the morning.

Ignore bad behaviour – Whatever you do don’t laugh! If your child knows they can get a reaction from you by doing something they may be more likely to do it.

Behave yourself – Show your child how to behave properly by exhibiting the behaviour yourself.  Show them how you share, show them good table manners, etc and this could improve kids behaviour.

Reduce temptations and avoid conflict – Sometimes kids just go through phases and problems rectify themselves over time. If you know bringing out the board games is going to start world war three perhaps you just need to wait until they are a little older. If you know going to the supermarket with your 2 year old is a recipe for disaster shop online until it passes.

Sleep, eat and exercise – Children are happiest when they have had plenty of sleep, eat a variety of healthy foods and get regular daily exercise to get their energies out. If your child is not sleeping or eating well speak to your doctor or health care professional for advice.

Play the ball not the man – Aim to improve kids behaviour, not the child. Avoid comments such as “dont be naughty” and instead use “don’t pinch your brother”.

Spend time together – Children will not need to get your attention through negative behaviour when they get your attention doing fun things!

Stern tone and strong body language – Nothing beats a good Mummy or Daddy stare and a stern (but not aggressive) voice.

Deal with issue once you have had a calm down break – Sometime its the carer who needs a time out.  I am not sure who said it first but – if kids behaved perfectly and maturely they would be adults.

Write sentences – Get them to think about their actions ( and improve their handwriting at the same time!)

Sit down and talk – Perhaps their behaviour is a result of a problem they are having – did they have a bad day at school, did they have an argument with a friend etc.

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