Improve Womens Health and Happiness

Improve Womens Health and Happiness

A huge thanks to Sarah Breheny who runs the Revive Weight Loss Retreat in the Margaret River Region in WA for the fabulous list.  Sarah is a certified health coach, passionate writer, speaker and fitness instructor. She empowers women, particularly mums in health,love and happiness; to create greater confidence, less stress, improved relationships and teaches them how to connect with their true self.

Live in the present – try and stay focused on the present and be in the moment. We all need to stop worrying about the future.

Laughas they say laughter is the best medicine. Be around people who make you laugh nothing will ever beat a good belly laugh with your girlfriends.

Practice gratitudeyou’ll find an overall shift in your outlook on life when you come from a perspective of gratitude. Try and list at least 5 things you are grateful for each morning and start a gratitude diary. – “When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu

Start your day with something that makes you happystart your day with some- thing that feeds your soul or makes you happy. For me its exercise and the positive dif- ference it makes on my day is worth the early morning wake up.

Accept and love yourself for who you are – there is only one you in the world who can do what you do! The makeover has to start from the inside by accepting and un- conditionally loving who you are.

Get enough sleepA restful night’s sleep allows for higher energy levels, lean muscle growth, decreased stress levels and less cravings. Are you getting enough sleep?

Eat whole real foodby this I mean avoiding prepackaged or heavily processed foods. Instead choosing nutrient rich foods as close to their natural state as possible. The longer the foods shelf life is the shorter yours is!

Exercise dailyby this I mean move your body daily. Add variety to your week from hard intense training to yoga to bare foot walks on the beach. We should include activi- ties that we enjoy doing so we can look forward to doing them on a regular basis.

Drink water and stay hydrated2 to 4 litres of water a day is what we should con- sume and try and drink 1/4 of your daily water intake first thing in the morning. Not only does water help with hunger and cravings but a hydrated body is a better functioning body. Make sure its good quality filtered water though!

Get rid of any rotten eggsthere is usually one rotten egg in your life that is drag- ging you down. Identify them and remove them from your life, you don’t need them dragging you down. Surround yourself with positive, happy people!

Take time out to meditate – Its not about taking hours out of your day to meditate (although I promise you once you start the result are incredible) Just taking a few min- utes a day to sit, relax and breathe can make all the difference.

Think of food as nourishment rather than entertainmentstart to think about how you are nourishing your body. Eat what your body needs not what your taste buds want. Treat your body like a precious gift so it never gives up on you!

Take a relaxing hot bath at least twice a weekadd some Epsom Salts and lav- ender lie back and relax. This does wonders for your mind and your muscles.

Spend time with your familyremember to spend quality time with your family. Take time to relax and be with those who you are close to.

Share your feelings and take time to feelit’s sometimes scary to say how you feel but its often the scary things that really matter!

Take a walk or simply sit and be in naturethere’s something about simply be- ing in nature that is so relaxing and often so healing. It often reminds you to be not to take the dramas of life so seriously.

Find your passion – discovering your purpose or passion in life will bring fulfilment and happiness to your being. Doing what you love energises and uplifts you like nothing else!

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