Is it OK to buy a second hand mattress?

Is it OK to buy a second hand mattress?

There are many reasons why some people consider buying a used mattress. It could be the cheaper price tag, a matter of hand-me-down, or simply to uphold the recycling eco-friendly spirit.

Opting with a second hand mattress isn’t always a bad option, but whether or not it is OK to buy a second hand mattress largely depends on its quality.

For example, the apparent point of not choosing a dirty one that can’t be cleaned with strong cleaning agents should spring in mind. Beyond aesthetics, a used mattress may carry a few serious risks that may cause you to end up spending more than its initial cost.

The primary concern about sleeping on a mattress previously slept on by a previous owner would be bed bugs. These little critters are vampire pests that feed on human blood and can cause intense and unfathomable itches that get under your skin.

This insidious pest has a horrible nature of spreading all over your home and onto your other furniture. To check for bed bugs, you can examine the mattress carefully for any sign of infestation such as faecal stains on the surface. It is also worth to bear in mind that there may be a bed bug infestation even though it is not visible to the naked eye.

Another alarming concern of taking on a second hand mattress is hygiene. Fact is, you spend about a third of your life sleeping. And while not everyone sweats or drools in their sleep, shedding off dead skin cells is definitely one of the activities that happen every night.

Bearing in mind that bacteria thrive on these organic deposits, are you sure that you want you or your family to lie on a bed flourished with an army of bacteria?

And for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, all the above is going to be a solid nono. You have to examine the state of the second-hand mattress carefully before taking it on.

Another point to note is the comfort of a second hand mattress. Due to long hours of the human body compressing on the mattress surface, used mattresses are already structured through time to conform to the previous owner’s body contour. A mattress sinking in its centre may not be obvious at first instance, but time will tell once you find yourself waking up
to a stiff neck or some lower back pains.

It’s also unlikely that there’s still a warranty on the used mattress due to the original buyer only being covered or that the warranty period has passed. Likewise, unless the mattress is visibly damaged, such as the springs breaking out from the surface, don’t expect the seller to make a refund and take back their old mattress. Many internal damages, including broken springs or sagging, will only show through time that will be too late to recover any losses.

Over time, you may find yourself spending on pest control, trips to the doctors or chiropractors or worse, having to buy a whole new mattress to substitute the second hand mattress you once were so excited about.

Playing it safe and going with a new mattress can offer you the peace of mind and comfort that cannot be provided by a used mattress. To add icing to the cake, most companies allow you to return and refund new mattresses if they don’t suit your liking.

So choose wisely!

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