Kale for Kids

Kale for Kids

Kale for Kids?  Really?

We were so lucky this week to have a recipe from a great website called I heart scratch.  This site was new to me, but when I went on there I was so inspired!  It’s a site dedicated to cooking from scratch, and has some great healthy recipes, including loads of desserts and sweets, as well as mains – all that you can make from scratch using healthy ingredients.  It also tells you why the “processed” version of the foods is bad.    I was so inspired by this site I went to task buying a load of healthy food this week.  Problem was I am not sure the kids wanted to follow me on my journey………

Armed with a beautiful bunch of kale I set out to make i heart scratch’s Curry Roasted Kale Chips.  On the recipe it said her kids loved it, so I thought I would give it a go – although with a bit of scepticism.  To my delight and surprise my kids loved it!  It was delicious and only slightly spicy with curry flavour ( you could of course add more if you wanted), and they turned out really light and crispy.

The full recipe is on her site and I suggest you check it out but here are my snapshots.  I used olive oil instead of coconut oil as that’s what I had and it worked fine.  Also the recipe called for cooking for 4o mins on a low heat.  I had to crank it up a bit as we were going out and I didn’t have 40 mins.

IMG_2596 – Looks healthy!!

IMG_2598 Before baking with oil and curry

IMG_2600 The delicious result.  They were crispy, tasty and eaten within minutes!

Thanks I heart scratch – it will be a regular around here! Also a huge thanks for your recipe for our site this week – Gluten Free Panforte.

If you have any quick and easy recipes you think we should try send them to us – we would love to hear about them.  Just go to our Submit a recipe page .  We could be blogging about your recipe next!







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