How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation Sky High

How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation Sky High

Fitness, especially a new commitment to fitness, requires determination and dedication. No matter when you choose to exercise each day, there will be challenges. Whether it be forcing yourself to get out of bed before work, or having the determination to exercise after a long day of work, the challenge remains the same each time. It means you hit the gym or jog outside without anyone or anything forcing you but yourself. The truth is, there will be times when it is very hard to keep up with your exercise routine but it is worth trying your best. You need motivation to do that. To that end, here are a few pointers on how to keep your fitness motivation sky high.

Its is all in the mind

Your perception of exercise is what gives your physical body strength to keep going. The human mind can be trained to view things as desired and do anything you want it to do. Train yours to perceive exercise as part of your lifestyle. Convince it that exercise is good for your body, mind and even spirit. With such a mindset, it will no longer be a struggle waking up to exercise. Even more literally, it has recently been shown exercise changes the structure of your brain in a very positive manner.

Remember why you are doing this

It is very easy to forget the actual reason why you are on a fitness kick when the alarm rings at 5am or the burger and fries is beckoning you from the restaurant menu. Motivation is a long game though, and keeping your reasons top of mind is key to success. For some the reason is their appearance, or wanting more energy to play with their kids, for many it is the desire for a longer healthy life. Either way keeping those reasons fresh in your mind is going to do wonders for your motivation. For some a screensaver works, others add labels to their phone alarms and for some the best thing is to have some sort of image which reminds them exactly why they are doing this. Maybe canvas prints of you playing with your kids, or a popular fitspo image, whatever works for your particular situation.

Make exercise an everyday thing

What is your take on exercise? Is it something you do because you have to, or do you do it because you know its benefits? Look at exercise as a beneficial factor in your life. This way, you will make it a priority in your life no matter what. The problem with forcing yourself to exercise is that you will never be serious about it; you will strain and feel like it is a punishment. Instead, include exercise on your daily schedule. Once you have it as a daily priority, you will be motivated to stay fit no matter what.

Try out new things

Doing the same thing every day at times becomes boring. If you tend to run or go to the gym every day, you need to spice up your routine by trying out something new. For example, join a group at the gym under one trainer, jog or run in a group or even change your place of exercise. All these activities give you fun new experiences to look forward to, making exercise a treat rather than a chore.

Plan for exercise and set clear goals

You can try out new things, make exercise a priority, and train your mind but lack goals. It is important that you actually jot down your goals for exercise. Narrow them down. Say exactly what you will do each day. Will you run, jog, ride a bike or go for yoga? Slot in the time you need. Do not set goals you cannot achieve. For example, if you are a beginner you should start slowly then up your pace. Do not start by saying you will run 3km. That is a long distance for you. Also plan with regards to your personality type, it matters. Recent research has shown your personality type can have a huge impact on what motivation methods are effective with regards to changing exercise habits.

 How do you feel before and after exercise? Make comparisons

Apart from training your mind, compare how you feel before and after exercise. Is there any difference? If there is then it is enough reason to keep exercising. Comparison is easy. For example, go to work without working out today, but work out tomorrow. Like it or not you will notice a difference because exercise jogs your mind and body thus you feel energized. It even helps release stress and influences your mood.

Motivation is what keeps you going in everything you do including staying fit. It helps you do what is expected of you without struggling. With the five pointers, you stand a better chance of being motivated to stay fit.

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