17 Bright Ideas To Keep Your Floors Looking Great

17 Bright Ideas To Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Do you want to Keep Your Floors Looking Great? Floors might be necessary, but they’re also the one annoying area of your house that your cleanliness regime just can’t skip. Nothing can bring down the look of an entire room like a messy floor. It doesn’t matter how spotless everything else is; if there’s dirt and mess on the floor, that’s what you’re going to notice. The same impact can be had by jagged carpets, loose floor tiles, or large cracks in laminate – they’re just bringing the entire vibe down.To try and preserve your floors, you need to master a mix of making the right choices to begin with and then how to maintain them.

Stay away from shiny surfaces – There’s an attraction to shiny surfaces that’s hard to deny but when it comes to flooring, you should let practicality rule here. Shiny finishes are by far the most difficult to maintain as they will show every speck of dust and lint that lands on them – not to mention the smears and footprints.

Opt for textured finishes – A textured finish is far more forgiving, as the texture breaks up the overall look and allows any excess bits of fluff to get lost in the overall pattern. There’s also the extra benefit of textured finishes being easier to walk on, so there’s less chance of slipping around in new shoes.

Keep the outdoors outside – Nice shiny floor and then the kids traipse in with mud all over them, depositing it all over the once-pristine floors? It’s inevitable… but perhaps it shouldn’t be. Look into areas outside your house such as porches, carports, or verandahs via the likes of the Southside Group which can be a useful ‘pre-house’ area. Rather than stepping inside with the outside trailing behind you, everything can be separated and thus save your floors from a daily drubbing. Get yourself and your kids into the habit of shedding any outdoor-only items before they enter the house, including muddy boots and jackets splashed with rain. You can then go back and collect these items with a wash basket, ready to be washed down in an appropriate area.

Use Scotia and beading – These flooring surrounds can stop any debris or water from falling down the walls and onto the floor, which in turn can prevent any warps or cracks from developing. If you want to maintain a seamless look, then just opt for Scotia or beading that’s in the same colour range as the floor itself.

Carpets can be more practical – It might be tempting to think a flat, easily wipeable surface is far preferable to having to clean a carpet and a way to keep your floors looking great. However, most modern carpets have better stain removal properties, with some even able to withstand a dousing with bleach. Don’t write carpet off just yet.

Prioritize dust – You probably dust various areas of your home, but do you dust the floor? It’s tempting to think that a quick vacuum or a thorough wipe down is enough to remove dust and lint, but you’d be surprised how quickly it can build up again, especially if the room is not frequently in use. Go around once a week and wipe a clean wet wipe across the floor to see if it’s in need of sprucing up.

Hide unsightly areas – If it’s not in the budget to replace a floor, consider how you can rejig your furniture to cover any parts that are damaged or looking the worse for wear. Potted plants are a cheap and easy way of achieving this and keep your floors looking great for visitors.

Insist on a “no shoes” rule – Guests may not like it, but it’ll save you a lot of hassle if you insist on a “no shoes in the house” rule. To be extra accommodating, you could even buy a few cheap pairs of slippers for them to wear instead.

Always wear something on your feet – If you have wood or laminate flooring, then make sure you always wear slippers or at least socks. Footprints – left by the natural oils on your skin – will make a floor look dirty in less time than almost anything else.

Use rugs – For high-traffic areas such as the hallways and landing, consider using rugs rather than having to constantly battle to keep the floor clean. There’s plenty of non-slip options which can ensure these feel as if they are almost stuck to the ground.

Don’t shy away from colour – If you’ve always wondered what a bright, colourful floor would look like, then why not find out? Sometimes, more muted tones such as whites and neutrals can show the dirt more than something more outlandish.

Don’t use black floors – If you want to hide dirt, then what’s better than black for the colour of your tile/laminate/carpet? Well, pretty much every single colour of the rainbow. The deepness of the black will make it a perfect showcase background for any debris and you’ll spend your entire life just itching to vacuum.

Stick to conventional cleaning – You’ve probably seen more than a few tips for how to clean floors using items you have at home, but conventional cleaners are usually going to have the best results. That’s because they mix a variety of properties – such as grease removal, dirt removal, and fragrance – rather than focusing on one particular problem.

Skip the steam cleaning – There’s no doubt a steam produces good results, but those results are likely to be extremely temporary. They can also make the floor wet, which if you don’t remember to warn your family about, could become a safety hazard. They are also not good to use on hard wood floors or laminate floors.

Alternative furniture in brightly lit rooms – If you want a floor that will last for years, bear in mind the effects that UV rays are going to have on your floor. If you don’t move your furniture around every so often in rooms with a lot of natural light, you’re going to end up with darker patches where the furniture has been sitting as the UVs dull the rest of the colour.

Be wary of cat litter – If you have a feline friend, then their cat litter is liable to be tracked on their paws throughout the house. To avoid this and keep your floors looking great , look for low-track options. Clay-based litters tend to be the worst offenders, so steer clear of these at the very least.

Only clean your floor once a day – no matter how dirty it gets – The more you clean, the more you potentially dull the finish of your floor. That’s why you should practice some of the above diversionary tactics to keep the need for cleaning to a minimum.


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