Keeping Your Home And Car Safe At Night

Keeping Your Home And Car Safe At Night

Do you worry about keeping your home and car safe at night? As much as we wish we could head to bed without worrying about our home and car, it’s sometimes impossible in this modern world. With theft and break-ins occurring all the time, it is easy to be concerned about your home security. Therefore, you need to take measures to ensure everything is secure at your property. That way, you can ensure you don’t have to worry about your home and car. You can make sure you can slip into a deep slumber without worry. In fact, here are some bright ideas for keeping your home and car safe at night.

Get an automatic light for your garden

There’s always a fear for homeowners that an intruder could make their way into your garden. After all, if you are a detached property, it could be easy for them to get over the fence and into your backyard. Then they could soon be at risk of getting into your property or breaking into your shed or garage. After all, they could sell your kid’s bikes or expensive tools you may have in the shed. But there are some ways you can prevent intruders from coming into your garden. For starters, you need to light up your garden, so they are less likely to be tempted to get into your yard. You can use solar lights which will ensure it stays alight even when nighttime falls or you might want to get an automatic light for your garden. That way, if there is any movement in your garden, it will light up the whole yard. If a burglar sees you have a sensor light in the yard, it will put them off making an appearance. After all, they know that if the light goes in the garden, you could see them and even if you don’t spot them, your neighbour might! Therefore, look at getting lights installed in your garden to keep your home safe.

Get an alarm for your vehicle

It’s so easy for a thief to break into a car without causing much attention. After all, they might be able to pick the lock and get into the vehicle. If the car is sitting on the road or even around the corner, you might not realise that the car has gone until it’s too late. After all, they might sell it on or even burn the car after they have finished with it. However, there are some ways you can be alerted if someone is breaking into your car. The main way is to get an alarm fitted in the car. For one thing, with this on display, it will definitely stop a thief in their tracks. But also, if they do try and break in, the alarm will start going off and wherever your car is located, it will draw someones attention. Therefore, you will be able to stop the thief before they disappear from your vehicle. One tip you need for when choosing a good car alarm is pick one which has a notable sound. That way, you can distinguish your alarm between everyone else’s and you’ll know when you need to get outside to your car.

Look into getting a carport for your car

It can be tempting for thieves to break into your vehicle if it’s on display outside your home. But there are some ways you can discourage them. For one thing, you might want to get a carport for your home. With one of these, it can reduce the chances of theft. They will need to get fairly close to your house to break into the car. And if you have lights around the carport, it could soon show what they are up to. Another good thing about carports is that they can reduce your vehicle insurance. Your insurance provider will know that there is a reduced risk of theft if you have one of these. They may lower the cost to make it more affordable to you. Look into hiring a company who will install one of these carports at your property and then you will soon be sleeping better over your vehicle’s safety.

Get a burglar alarm installed into your home

A lot of people avoid getting a burglar alarm installed at their home. After all, it can feel like a lot of hassle if it goes off and you can’t remember the code. It can cause a drama if you are not at the property when it does start going off but you should consider getting a burglar alarm installed at the house to ensure your home stays safe at night. If someone tries to get into the property without using a key, it will soon set off the alarm and your family will be able to find out who’s trying to get in your house. Also, having a burglar alarm installed at your property can put off thieves from trying to get into your home. They will spot it a mile off, so will hopefully not even try and get into your home. It’s a good deterrent to stop them breaking into your home! And one extra bonus is that it will bring down the cost of your house insurance if you do get an alarm installed at your home! You can always get a back-to-base alarm so that security can be sent to your home if it goes off and you are not around.

Get CCTV installed

It’s becoming more common for homeowners to get CCTV for their property. It can help the police track down who exactly managed to get into your home and with proof, you might end up getting your items back sooner rather than later. Not only this but having CCTV installed at your property can be a good deterrent for thieves. They will spot the cameras and it will stop them from entering your home at night. You might want to get a CCTV system which connects with your smartphone. With one of these, you can quickly grab your phone off the side and check the front or back cameras if you have heard an alarming noise. It can ensure you can contact the police if you do spot someone trying to break into your home! You don’t have to get a company to come out and install the CCTV; you can easily pick up security cameras you can install instead at your property.

Keep doors locked

It’s a sad fact that you can’t be in your home with the doors unlocked nowadays. If you do this in the modern world, you are putting your home at risk of a break in and as the doors were unlocked, you could lose your chance of making a claim. After all, they will see it as you were welcoming in the thief! Therefore, to reduce the risk of your home getting broken into, you need to make sure you keep the doors locked in your home. Check them every night before heading up to bed to ensure they are locked. Remember that if there is any issue with the locks, you need to get it sorted ASAP. That way, you can ensure the main entrances are secure in the home so that no intruder will be able to make their way into the property!

Get window restrictors

It’s likely that you will have the windows open in your property but if you are sleeping with the windows open, it could put you at higher risk of a break in. Thieves will be able to push open the window and get into your property without you realising and if anything is sitting on the window shelves, they will be able to take these possessions. To ensure you can get some air into your home without putting your home at risk, you need to get some window restrictors. That way, the window won’t be able to be pushed open any further and robbers wouldn’t be able to climb into your property. You can easily buy these online for your home’s windows.


Remember to ensure valuables are not in eye view in your property and your car. After all, you are tempting the thief to take a risk to get the possessions. Always put expensive items like phones and tablets out of shot so they can’t see them! Some simple ideas for keeping your home and car safe at night.


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