Kids Books Featuring Animals

Kids Books Featuring Animals


Kids love animals, so children’s books about animals are a great way to encourage children to enjoy the magic of reading as well as igniting their imaginations. Here are 17 kid’s books that you can read with your young ones that are available from Booktopia or Bookworld and other good book stores or check out your local library:

ABC Animal Rhymes For You And Me by Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz and others. This book is a great way to learn your ABCs with great rhymes and is a wonderful picture book with great illustrations.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. This book has won many awards. The cute story about a cheeky wombat will captivate young readers.

Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement. This beautifully illustrated book gives a colourful account of a little bird who wants to change to be accepted. A great moral at the end of the story.

Cows in the Kitchen illustrated by Airlie Anderson. This fun book is kids story that has great rhythm and rhyme. It is especially great for younger children, who will be singing along with you and they will love looking at the great illustrations and pointing out little fun things.

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith. This book has totally captivated my 3 year old. The story (also a song by Craig Smith) is all about a 3 legged, one eyed donkey. It has great rhyming and is really funny, especially when you are 3 years old. (There is even a video you can check out on youtube.)

The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss. Enter the crazy world of The Cat in The Hat and be absorbed by the amazing adventure and wonderful rhyme. Kids of all ages will be reading this one over and over again.

Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox and Judy Horacek. The rhyming is great but the best part of this book is the illustrations. Kids will love to look for all the different sheep time after time after time.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This classic children’s book has great illustrations and is great for encouraging counting.

Spot’s Birthday Party by Eric Hill. Younger kids really love opening the flaps and seeing what happens next.

Olivia by Ian Falconer. Many parents will be able to see their own kids in this cute little pig with a great imagination and loads of energy.

Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread by Pamela Allen. This is one of those children’s story books that you’ll love to read over and over again. It is fun for kids and adults alike.

Possum Magic by Mem Fox. A magical tale that takes you around Australia. This wonderful story has great characters that will captivate younger readers, making it one of Australia’s best childrens books.

Animalia by Graeme Base. Beautiful illustrations turn this book into a must have in every household. Little ones will love searching through the illustrations and telling you what they see.

Counting by Odette Ross. This simple tale of animals in a bed is great for young kids starting to take an interest in books and counting.

Miffy by Dick Bruna. Children love this sweet little rabbit. This is a wonderful kids picture book with lovely, simple illustrations.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham. While on the surface this story may seem a little old fashioned, this classic children’s book has wonderful characters and a great story to draw in older children.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. A great, heart-warming story to share with your little ones before bed.

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