17 Bright Ideas for Kids Presents Under $20

17 Bright Ideas for Kids Presents Under $20

Have your kids been invited to a birthday party and you need to find a gift quickly and you only want to spend less than $20? Here is the ultimate list with 17 Bright Ideas for Kids Presents Under $20 to help you find the perfect gift FAST. Just use the links provided and buy online…simple! It’s a great chance to stock up on a few items so you always have something on hand and you save on postage. You could even get a few gifts as birthday party favours and prizes.

Super Marble Deluxe Race Game – This is a game best for kids over 3 years. Kids will love playing this marble race game and watching the marbles race through the many levels. A real winner. (My 4 year old saw as I was writing this and has already put in a request for his b’day!).

Japanese Knitting Dolls – This is a great gift for kids +6. They love craft and cute things so these Japanese Knitting Dolls combine both. At $10 each, you can add some wool to get them started too.

Barbie Bracelet and Necklace Set – This is a great gift for kids +6. Barbie is an all time favourite and young girls usually love jewellery. This gift is fun and is great as a gift or as a part favour for something like pass-the-parcel.

Road Crew Dress-Up Vest – This gift is suitable for kids +3. If your buying a present for a child who loves to dress up them why not get them this Road Crew vest. It’s size is versatile enough to fit on a range of sizes. Kids will love telling their friends to stop, go slow and turn around – no through road. There are a few other choices in the My Career range, so see what suits the child you are buying for and they are all under $20.

Magnet Fishing Game – This present is ideal for kids over +3. It helps with hand eye co-ordination and is colourful and inviting. It’s also great for taking on holidays with you.

Bengal Tiger 500 Piece Puzzle – This present us ideal for kids over 8 years. Puzzles are a great gift for older kids. They are a great indoor activity that isn’t electronic and they requires patients and an eye for detail. 500 pieces shouldn’t be too big either.

Bear Money Box – This present is great for all ages. A money box is a terrific way to teach kids about money. The teddy design works well for both girls and boys.

Kid’s Watch – This is a great gift for kids +6. I was amazed at how great the prices were for a colourful and fun kids watch, making them perfect kids presents under $20. You are sure to find something to suit any kid and it’s a great way for kids to learn how to tell the time.

Art Posters & Art Prints – A great gift for any age group. There are so many amazing and beautiful prints and posters to choose from, you will not be short of choice. Find out what colours or theme the child’s bedroom is and pick something to match. Do they love animals, fairies or trucks? Simply choose something that is colourful and sweet.

Chill Factory Ice Cream Maker – This is a great gift for kids +6. We have done a Roadtest on this great product and we loved it. It really does make ice cream very quickly. It’s a fun gift idea that will get lots of use.

Wooden Blocks – This gift is suitable for kids +3. Parents would love their kids to receive this creative and enduring present. Blocks are great for girls and boys and are only limited by children’s imagination. A terrific present under $20.

Bowling Set in Netbag – Great for kids +3. This is a great gift for boys or girls of most ages. It also can be played indoors or outside and packs away neatly. It’s terrific for hand eye co-ordination and can be taken on holidays too.

Maracas Set – This gift is suitable for kids +3. Kids love to make noise and these maracas are bright and colourful and easy to make “music’ with. 

Pillow Pets Mini Dreams Lites – This present if perfect for kids of all ages. There are so many varieties to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your child’s personality. It shines a little light in a pretty pattern onto the roof of the kids bedroom. A really cute night light and under $20.

Mess Eater Desk Caddy – Great for kids +3. A practical gift to help kids stay organised. It would look great on any child’s desk and will help them to always have a pen or eraser at hand when they do their homework. I think mums will like this gift too.

Alphabet Wall Stickers – An idea present for younger boy and girls. Wall stickers are fun and colourful and are great because they can easily be removed. They can add fun and colour to any wall. There are lots of other designs to choose from that can also be great for older kids so check them out.

Beach Sand Castle Set – A great present for kids of all ages. Kids simply love sand. A colourful sand play set will always be welcome and you can never have too many.


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