Kitchen Design Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Kitchen Design Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Before putting your home on the market, it is a good idea to do what you can to add value to your property. After all, you want to get as much money as you can, especially when it comes to having that extra cash to help you with the moving process.

To add value, you might repaint your home, extend with a loft conversion, and for the purposes of this article, make alterations to your kitchen. Considering this is one of the most utilized rooms in the home, you can expect a good-looking and functional kitchen to be on many home buyer’s lists of priorities.

Here are some tips you might find useful.

  • Don’t go it alone. Do you know what today’s home buyers are looking for? Do you have the skills to renovate your kitchen alone? For all we know, your answer might be a resounding “yes.” Good luck to you then on your kitchen design! On the other hand, you might need the support of a professional design firm, such as House of Kitchens. With a keen eye for trends, a knowledge of what home buyers are looking, and the right people to do a wonderful installation, you won’t run the risk of devaluing your home through your own poor efforts.

  • Suit your home’s design. If you live in a recent build, you probably want to give your kitchen a modern makeover, as this will in all likelihood match what the buyer is looking for. On the other hand, if you are living in a traditional or period home, you should go for something more rustic, as most buyers will want something to match the styling of the property. Think carefully about your home then, and choose a kitchen design to match both your interior and exterior.

  • Consider extending your space. Especially if your kitchen is a little on the small side, you might consider knocking a wall down to provide more kitchen space. You could extend outwards if you have sufficient space to the rear of your property, or combine the kitchen with your dining room if you have one. Not only will adding more space improve the functionality of your kitchen but by increasing the square footage of your home (if extending outwards), you will also increase its value.

  • Opt for neutral colors. If this was your dream kitchen, you could choose any colors you wanted. Bright red? Yellow polka dots? Fulfil your dreams, as appropriate. However, when looking to add value, know that a personalized decor will not suit the wider buying market. Opt for neutral colors and designs that won’t deter the buyer and limit their imagination should they later want to put their own mark on the kitchen decor.

  • Be eco-friendly. When choosing between two properties, most home buyers are inclined to opt for the property that has eco-friendly features. They do this, not only because they are aware of their responsibility to the environment, but because an eco-friendly kitchen will also provide long-term savings on their utility bills. So, you might consider adding energy-saving appliances and gadgets, for example, as well as eco-friendly materials for your flooring and countertops. Not only will your additions add value to your property, but by showing your eco-credentials, you will have reason to raise the selling price as your home will be highly sought after by environmentally friendly and frugal buyers.

  • Let there be light. A dark and dingy kitchen is both bad on the eyes on an aesthetic level and unsafe for anybody who enjoys spending time cooking. If you don’t have enough natural light coming in, you might want to add an extra window or even a skylight to make your kitchen more appealing. If you aren’t able to consider this, then add sources of artificial light, especially around task and eating areas. And consider painting the room in a white gloss finish, as this will reflect light around the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious.

  • Don’t spend more money than you need to. Avoid splashing money out on luxurious extras, such as expensive cupboard door handles, because a) they might not be to the buyer’s tastes, and b) they won’t make your property more valuable. You can add the occasional feature if you want to impress a potential buyer, but only do so if you can afford it and want to quicken the sale, and not because you think you will get a higher return on your property.

With a few small (or large) changes, you can easily add value to your kitchen. Speak to your realtor for further advice, and as we suggested, consult a kitchen design company to help you with your makeover. We hope our tips were useful to you, but let us know what you think. And answer this question: If you were on the lookout for a new home, what would you want to see in the kitchen area?

Thanks for reading!

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