Knowing How To Read A Recipe Is Different To Successfully Following a Recipe

Knowing How To Read A Recipe Is Different To Successfully Following a Recipe

This week I decided I would find a good family meal using Turmeric. I took a look online and found a great recipe on – Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes. I thought this would be a particularly good recipe after Sue’s blog on Pancakes. My kids also love pancakes and they love prawns so I thought it would be a winner.

The recipe is in two stages: 1) The Pancake and 2) The Filling. How hard could it be?

The filling was very simple. I chose to just use prawns only rather than prawns and pork mince as I thought it might be a bit too much for the kids. I think it turned out rather well. In fact, I probably should have just served up the filling without the pancake and the kids would have been extremely happy – but then I wouldn’t have been true to the recipe or used the turmeric, which was my weekly aim.




The pancake is where I came unstuck. As you can see in the picture, mine was all soggy and crumbly, not cripsy. Only my 7 year old and my husband ate the pancake.

What did I do wrong?? Well, looking back I probably needed to rest the mixture for the full 1hr as recommended in the recipe and I probably needed to have a very hot fry pan with more hot oil.

See, I can read a recipe but I think it takes a bit of practice to successfully follow a recipe.

I will definitely try this one again at a later stage. I might go a bit lighter on the turmeric as is it a very overpowering spice for kids. I will also follow the recipe better.

Until next time!


Ingredient for next time: Almondmilk.

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