Latest Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Latest Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You’ve finally set aside enough money to renovate your space and you’ve chosen your bathroom. Perhaps you want it to be your very own spa, or you’re looking to modernize its interior, whichever reason we’ve listed below some inspo to get those creative juices going. While bathroom renovations have definitely scaled down and become more minimalist, warm and earthy–often mimicking nature, amenities and features have evolved entirely. Here are just some tips to get you on track for your dream bathroom design: 

1. Rain Showers

Rain showers are often a sought after addition during bathroom renovations since it’s considered the new norm of modern bathrooms. Not only is the shower head sleek but the light water pressure drizzling on your head has proven to be quite calming. It mirrors the effect of downpour, again riding on the trend of letting in elements of nature into your home.  

2. Statement Walls

Bathrooms usually have white walls but some designers have decided to do the total opposite to make a statement. Some even opt for dark walls during a bathroom renovation to add a mysterious and more intimate effect to the space. You can opt to do this through paint or even by tiling one wall.

3. Interesting Plants

One of the more popular plants we have seen in modern bathrooms are orchids. They are sturdy plants that have the ability to survive in minimal sunlight and moist surroundings. They have a beautiful shape and colour that works well in all environments and is bound to add life into any bathroom. 

4. Creative Storage

Rid yourself of the eyesores in your bathroom and go for a clean look by taking out all the clutter. Having a messy vanity and bathroom countertop just looks uninviting. Try looking for creatively hidden drawers or storage to manage the mess. 

5. Flowing Basins

Who would have thought that having an oddly shaped basin would be all the rage? But it is and it makes a great difference, in fact it’s one of our top renovation inspiration ideas because of how diverse the types of basins on the market are. Some of the more popular styles are grooved and elongated basins. 

6. Recessed Walls

Say goodbye to bulky bathroom cabinets, instead say hello to floating shelves. These are perfect for holding personal items, a book to read on the loo, toiletries, candles or even more miniature plants.

7. Skylights

Yup, who knew opening up your bathroom would be a great idea. People just seem to want better lighting nowadays and this perfectly compensates the rising popularity in darker bathroom colours. 

8. Pebble Floors

When the outdoors come indoors, another element of nature people are bringing into their homes are clean round stones that just naturally complement water. Not only do they look great but they also provide your wet feet with more traction, which lessens the chances of slipping. 

9. Huge Mirrors

Imagine all the outfits you’ll get to try, the beautiful and iconic bathroom mirror selfie. With the rise of huge mirrors in celebrity homes as seen on their social media, many people are skipping tiles and paint and instead going for big wall mirrors. Not only do they look great, but they also reflect light around the room and visually widen narrow spaces.

10. Shower Benches

Can you imagine how this instantly changes your shower experience? It almost transforms it into your personal spa. 

11. Subway Tile on the Shower Wall

Since this is on our list, it’s obviously a timeless trend. This is a great way to add a cool, vintage design onto your bathroom. You can even spice it up by mixing some of the colours and adding a custom flare. 

12. Pocket Gardens

A tiny, lush forest in your bathroom, this theme has definitely been gaining popularity amongst renovations. This idea works well for those who have skylights, and for those who opt for open walls and larger sized windows.

13. Pink and Grey

A color combination we’re kind of surprised to see. By adding a hint of sweetness and something girly to the common grey interiors to modern bathrooms somehow neutralises it. 

14. Sisal Organisers

These beautiful organisers complement the natural, organic atmosphere while also adding a significant pop of colour.

15. Barn Doors

According to experts at barn sliding doors that are made from recycled wood planks are on trend. Not only is it a sustainable option, it looks great and works well with contemporary bathroom interiors.  

16.  Hexagon Tile Walls

There’s so much you can do with tiles, why not explore different shapes? A hexagon definitely adds more sophistication and adds character to a plain looking wall. 

17. Freestanding Bathtubs

While we’ve always seen tubs attached to walls, some modern designers are making it the centerpiece of their bathrooms. By keeping it as your focal point, it adds a more personal and intimate touch.

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