Can you learn to love exercise?

Can you learn to love exercise?

Is it possible to Learn to Love Exercise?

Over the past year I have been focusing on getting myself fit and healthy. It seems like that when you become a busy mum, looking after yourself can be the last thing you do, so I needed to change my ways and learn to love being healthy and doing exercise.

Well, if you already love exercise, you are probably thinking that this blog is silly (who doesn’t love getting fit and healthy?) but, not everyone loves it. When you are tired, stressed and always putting yourself last it can be hard to get excited about fitness but here are some ways to learn to love exercise and create a better you:

#1 way to learn to love exercise – Find something that you like.

  • Not everyone enjoys running or swimming. There are so many different ways to get exercise, don’t just think of the obvious. Take a dance class, join a walking club, buy a hula-hoop or go rock climbing. If your body is moving, consider it a form of exercise. Think about what you like doing and see what is around your local area.

#2 way to learn to love exercise – Find something that fits into your life.

  • There is no way you are going to continue with exercise if you have to move mountains to actually complete it. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you can prioritise some time for you and find a location that you can get to on a regular basis.

# 3 way to learn to love exercise – Try something different.

  • I don’t know about you but I find exercise can get boring after a while so I make sure I mix it up. Find a few different activities you like and rotate. Also, think of activities that that you wouldn’t normally try and give them a go. Take a boxing or Zumba class and see if you like it. Give something new a go.

#4 way to learn to love exercise – Set a goal and track your improvement.

  • One of the biggest motivators to keeping exercise in your life is seeing the great impact it has on your life. Set goals (they don’t need to be weight related) and then track how you improve. It might be reducing your waistline measurement or walking 10,000 steps a day or climbing stairs without puffing or simply keeping up with the kids. Work out where you want to get to and then make plans to achieve it.

#5 way to learn to love exercise – Do it with someone.

  • If you lose motivation easily, get others involved to push you along. Grab a friend and work together. Enlist the help of your kids and see how much they enjoy seeing you be more fit and fun. Find a support group with others who like your chosen exercise and join in. Sometime all we need is a little push.

#6 way to learn to love exercise – Visit the Fitness Show in Sydney

  • If you’ll be in Sydney on October 18th to 19th, make your way to Olympic park and visit the Fitness Show. This is a really great way to find out about the latest fitness trends, nutrition, products and clothing (the right outfit is very important for motivation).
  • The layout of the Fitness Show NSW will be split into three distinct zones, Active, Strength & Conditioning and Bike & Endurance, making it easy to navigate to the products that are of interest to you!
  • The great thing about a ‘show’ is that it’s interactive and you can ask people questions and really immerse yourself in the world of fitness.          Fitness celebrities and experts will be there, including Commando Steve, who will run VIP training sessions and presentations over the two days, as well as Australia’s Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter and dietitian and trainer Amy Giannotti, who wrote this weeks list for us on 17 Bright Ideas on Must Have Foods On Your Shopping List.
  • The Fitness Show NSW will be open from 10am-5.30pm. Tickets cost $30 for one day or $50 for a two-day pass. Children under 12 can enter free so why not go and see if it gets you excited about fitness.

Thanks to The Fitness Show NSW for letting us know about this great event!

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In my opinion, not everyone is born to love exercise but you can learn to love it – you just need to think outside the box and make fitness work for you so Give It A Go!

Until next time,


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