Life Is Too Short For Your Home To Stay The Same

Life Is Too Short For Your Home To Stay The Same

If there’s one life lesson we could all remember from Darwin, it’s that nothing stays the same. Everything in life is about evolution, and evolving is the only way to move forward and survive. Of course, at a species’ level, evolution can take many generations before differences become more evident. In the lifespan of an individual, evolution is not as much about genetic transformations or growing a pair of wings – although it would be nice to avoid traffic jams on your way to work –, but it’s more about managing your wellbeing wherever you are. Indeed, life is too short to waste time in a place that doesn’t make you happy. 

From changing jobs to adjusting your relationships, there are many evolutionary routes you can choose to take to transform your everyday life. But, in the midst of switching the things that make us feel miserable for things that lift our moods, we tend to overlook one crucial factor. Your home is a place that is designed to create a feel-good sensation. But, what if your home were not the nest of cozy happiness you expected? You’d be surprised to know that, more often than not, we don’t notice when home isn’t as sweet as it should be. Blame it on today’s hectic pace of life or mental fatigue, but overseeing your interior feel and look is a common mistake. However, you might want to tune in to your emotions and ask yourself how your home makes you feel. 

There are also obvious pointers that help to understand your mental health. Indeed, if you get up in the morning feeling just as stressed as you did the night before, it’s a good indication that you can’t relax at home. Additionally, recurring headaches, low mood, and even increased anxiety could all be caused by your house settings. Is life worth spending it in a place that doesn’t have your best interests at heart? The answer is no. For the sake of evolution, it’s time to change what doesn’t work in your home to create an oasis of peace. 

Modernising your home is not a wasted investment

The best and easiest way to make your home more welcoming is to bring some smart tech into your everyday life. Indeed, smart devices can let your home work for you while you relax. If you’ve been late to an appointment before because you couldn’t remember where you put your front door key, why not consider safe and high-tech alternatives such as a smart lock? Indeed, tech remodelling can completely transform your relationship with your property. Not only does it make it more efficient, but, more importantly, it saves you a considerable amount of time and worries. Smart lights are another great addition that you can control remotely, which means that you can light up the porch when you come back in the evening or set up a schedule to make it look as if the house were occupied when you’re on holiday. 

Happiness is a bright new wall colour

In his typical controversial attitude, John Lennon used to sing “Happiness is a warm gun”. Commenters have since tried to demystify the song by explaining that there might be an explicit innuendo. But, when it comes to home interior, however, happiness has nothing to do with guns and a lot more to do with colours. Indeed, the colours you choose to put on your walls can influence your mood. If you haven’t changed the tone since the last Magnolia coat, it’s time to explore shades that lift your mood. A pale pink, such as the Rosé season by Clare does wonders in the living room. It’s the perfect reminder to invite friends and share a bottle of crisp wine! For something a little moodier, have a look at the playful blue that creates a pop of colour in the kitchen. Painting your walls can be a weekend project that injects some personality and fun to your interior. 

Home still doesn’t feel right

As you progress into transforming your home, you should notice a significant improvement. Your mood is elevated. You can relax in the evening. You can’t wait to head back home after work. But sometimes things don’t work as planned. Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you can’t find it to love your home again. There are many reasons; you could struggle to integrate into your community, you could have lousy neighbors, you could have bad memories in the house. If the home doesn’t work, change it. Relocating to a different place can give you the opportunity of a fresh start. Sorting out the move can be stressful from furniture removal to car transport, there might be a lot to plan. However, you could dramatically improve your day-to-day lifestyle by living in one of the happiest suburbs in the country. Nillumbik, north of Melbourne in Victoria has been ranked to have the highest quality of life with 8.6 out of 10, for instance. Ku-ring-gai in New South Wales is close behind with a score of 8.4 and top safety facilities. The question is: Why are you staying in a place that doesn’t tick your boxes? 

What is the feeling of unease at home were real?

The malaise you experience in your property could be the result of your indoor air quality. Indeed, a lot of households are rigged with indoor pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye but high in consequences for your health. Unfortunately, as we spend up to 90% of our time at home, it’s impossible to avoid indoor pollution unless you can get rid of them. Moving homes is never going to solve the issue. Instead, you need to tackle the most dangerous air pollutants at home. Volatile organic compounds that come from paints, glues, wood preservatives, and furniture and chemical products can transform your perception of the home. However, you should notice an improvement in your health and mood with the simple addition of air-purifying plants to your decor.

Forget the makeover, start decluttering instead

Ah, clutter! We’re all guilty of it, and we all ignore it. What’s a little pile of clothes in the bedroom going to do to your happiness? Well, that small pile of clothes could do a lot to your mood. Indeed, people are hoarders, and as such, they rapidly run out of space for all the things they accumulate. The broken items you swear to fix, the clothes you never wear and the cheap souvenirs from your holiday can gradually take over your home. Decluttering is the art of getting rid of the unnecessary and unwanted to reclaim your interior. It’s never an easy process, however, being methodical about what you need and don’t need can transform your decor. Clutter doesn’t only piles up in the room; it also weighs your mind down. 

Introduce soothing elements to fall back in love with your home

Is your interior a little too edgy and rough? The decor inspo you found online might work in the picture, but in real life, your interior needs calming and relaxing elements to work. The vibrant sofa surrounded by rich red and purple shades creates the perfect focal point. But it doesn’t help you to chill at the end of a long day. Instead, you need to introduce soothing decor elements. Did you know, for instance, that fish tanks are not only a fantastic addition to your living room, but they also help to lower your heart rate? Houseplants can have a similar effect on your mood, helping you to relax as they release oxygen into the room. Alternatively, you can trick your body into de-stressing with calming scents. Using a diffuser filled with lavender oil or orange blossom can be all you need to make the place feel homely again. 

Maybe you need a friend

An empty nest is a cold place to go back to after work. At the end of a long day, it can be tricky to find a happy thought. You are tired, over-stressed, and stuck in hectic work life. You need a friendly break to step out of your vicious circle and fill your home with happy memories. Adopting a pet may not seem like the most obvious solution when it comes to improving your home interior, but nothing puts a bigger smile on your face than being welcome by the excited bark of a puppy or the enthusiastic purr of a young kitten. Pet owners are in general happier because of their bond to their furry friend – or feathery friend; it’s up to you. 

Nothing beats the joy of DIY treasures

Finally, when was the last time you made something? If you don’t remember any further crafty experiment since the noodle necklace you made for Mother’s Day when you were at school, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and rediscover the joy of creativity. Painting your furniture with chalk paint is accessible and fun, for instance. If you’re feeling more confident, what’s stopping you from upcycling an old cabinet? 

Life is not worth wasting in a place that doesn’t rhyme with happiness. Unfortunately, too many of us are stuck in a lifestyle that can dissimulate the flaws of our home sweet home. Your life is an endless series of events, and as you evolve through them, your home needs to reflect on the new you. Happiness is, after all, a home fit for the person you are today.

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