Top Tips for Limiting Kids Treats at Christmas

Top Tips for Limiting Kids Treats at Christmas

Limiting Kids Treats at Christmas -” what a grinch” I hear some people saying!  But,  with obesity levels at records highs its important to teach kids to eat treats in moderation.  So, what better time to do it when there are treats everywhere – chocolate advent calenders, lollies gifts from kids at school, neighbours popping over with goodies, gift hampers, chocolate stockings, christmas party food and that’s all before the big day!   So in 17 Bright Ideas style we have researched the top tips for limiting your childs (and yours if you like!) treat binge this festive season:


  • Teach you child they do not need to eat everything they are given straight away.  If you can, keep a bowl of all the lollies and treats they are given and offer them once a week.


  • Portion control counts – teach them to choose one or two items they really like, rather than stand there eating everything in site.  Try and direct their attention to playing.  Remember a party is about playing with their friends, not eating.
  • Make healthy choices yourself and model great behaviour.
  • Keep treats out of reach of kids so they can be offered to them rather than them helping themselves
  • Don’t deprive kids completely – this will only make them want it more
  • Don’t use treats as a reward for eating the good stuff.  Make fruits and vegetables fun and interesting to eat, not something that is so horrible to do it requires a reward.  Now is a great time to be making those funny fruit faces, vege pancakes, cute little meatballs with hidden veg etc.
  • Limit snacks to one or 2 per day and not too close to dinner time so they are hungry for the good stuff.
  • If you do actually find that you are overwhelmed with loads of treats in the house don’t be afraid to throw some out (when the kids aren’t looking!)
  • Watch out for liquid treats – soft drinks, juice etc contain significant amounts of sugar so limit these also.

If you have any great tips for limiting kids treats let us know.  We would love to hear them and share with all our lovely families.




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