Look Great In Your 30’s

Look Great In Your 30’s


If 40 is the new 30 then is 30 the new 20?  Whatever the answer we have researched the top websites to find out How to Look Great in Your 30’s.

Learn what colours and styles of makeup work best for you – According to Women’s Health and Fitness Australia you need to experiment with different colours, textures, techniques etc. that work for you. Consult with a professional make up artist to get their advice on what’s best for you.

Brighten up your eyes – According to Women’s Health Mag the eyes have it. Start with a good concealer that matches your foundation to hide any dark circles, and then open up the eye with a light coloured eye shadow.

The three-step plan to great skin – Oprah.com sets out the three-step plan to fabulous skin in your 30’s.  1. Cleanse with AHA’s in the morning and a cream cleanser at night.  2. Moisturise with a moisturizer containing sunscreen.  3. Nighttime – use a cream or serum with retinol.

Exfoliate at night – The Huffington Post suggests exfoliating at night so that the skin rejuvenates overnight when it is in renewal mode.  It also suggests a light exfoliation rather than being too harsh.

Skin Cleansing Foods – Glamour magazine.co.uk recommends eating skin cleansing foods to reduce acne in your 30’s and promote healthy looking skin.  Recommendations include – Artichokes, Peppermint, Red Grapes, Acai and Watercress to name just a few.

Buy a dress that fits perfectly and a statement necklace – clothedmuch.com suggests that now you are 30 you should invest in that one perfect dress and a statement necklace.It also suggests buying classic pieces and fabulous shoes.

Balance sophistication with sexiness – According to the TLC Fashion Guide for Women in their 30’s it’s all about balance.  Team something sophisticated with something flirty.Show off one body part while covering another. Most of al buy clothes that fit properly. 

Splurge – ohjoy.blogs.cm suggest the 30’s is a time to splurge a little more money on things that you will have for a lifetime such as skincare and beauty products, boots and even pots and pans. 

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back– Wiki How suggests the way to embrace your 30’s is to look back on your achievements and appreciate what you have done.It says accept your age and stop pinning for the past. Do 30 something’s pine for their youth?   

Microdermabrasion – beautyheaven.com.au recommends microdermabrasion for 30 something’s.Microdermabrasion is essentially the exfoliation of your skin using a hand held device that circulated micro crystals to the skin to stimulate cell production and blood flow.

Follow a style blogger over 30 – check out this great list of style blogger “30 over 30” http://heartifb.com/2012/06/04/30-spectacular-style-bloggers-over-30/ 

Look after yourself – eat healthy, do exercise and get lots of sleep.  Damn it – why can’t it be eat chocolate, have a glass of wine and watch a movie! 

Do Dry July – Feel better about yourself by giving up alcohol for a month and donating the proceeds to charity (adult cancer organisations across Australia). 

Boost your metabolism – livelighter.com suggests that keeping your weight under control in your 30’s is all about keeping your metabolism up.They suggest eating every 3 to 4 hours and doing a reasonable level of exercise.

Confidence – The best way to look good is to exude confidence. According to pickthebrain.com some ways to instantly build confidence are – dress sharp, walk faster, have good posture and compliment other people to name just a few.

What not to do – according to you look fab.com the following things are what not to do in your 30’s – ankle bracelets, belly necklaces, body piercing, hot pants, crocs and micro mini’s just to name a few.

Teeth Bleaching – womenshealthandfitness .com.au suggest professional teeth cleaning.  Check out the daily deal sites if you are considering this as there are often great deals around.

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