17 Bright Ideas To Lose Weight Before Holiday Time

17 Bright Ideas To Lose Weight Before Holiday Time


Are you going on a holiday but worried that your body isn’t ‘holiday worthy’? Will you be wearing a swimsuit and sitting by a pool, will you be walking all day then partying all night but feel too unfit? Booking a holiday is a great motivation to lose weight because you’ve got a great reason to stick to your weight loss program – your wonderful holiday! Here are 17 Bright Ideas To Lose Weight Before Holiday Time;


Sign up to a supportive weigh loss program such as Weight Watchers – Having a weekly weigh in and great tools will help you to stay focused to reach your holiday weight loss goal. Weight Watchers Online is great because you get all the support of the Weight Watchers network but you don’t need to go to external visits – it’s all online. The more support you have, the more you’ll be able to achieve your holiday weight loss goal and lose weight before holiday time.

Put up pictures of your travel destination everywhere – This will help you to keep your reason for losing weight constantly in your mind. Place pictures in your kitchen so that when you reach for food you see your great holiday and then feel more motivated to stay on your weight loss plan.

Try on your clothes that you want to take with you – If you are going to wear a bikini or a figure hugging ski jumpsuit, put it on every day, maybe before you have your shower or before dinner. This will really help you to keep on track to lose weight for your holiday as you get a real visualisation on how you will look.

Have a countdown – Get a calendar and mark off the days until your holiday. The pressure of a deadline may give you the boost you need to lose weight before holiday time.

Take photos of yourself – Before you get that big shock when you see yourself near the pool in your swimsuit, take some photos at the beginning when you start your diet and then once a week until you go. You’ll be able to track your progress and you won’t get a big surprise when you are on your holiday.

Look through travel books and write down what you want to do on holidays – Having a list of ‘things to do’ on your holiday may give you the motivation to avoid that chocolate bar. Thinking about scuba diving, hiking or ‘Running with the Bulls’ should keep you focused to get trim for your holiday because you’ll see how happier you will be with less weight on you.

Go and see your doctor – Not only is it important to get a proper check up before you begin any diet plan but GPs have a lot of great information and ideas about weight loss.

Drink 1 cup of water after every meal – Studies have shown that filling up on water can help you to feel full for longer and help with weight loss.

Step up the exercise – Make a big effort to do some form of exercise EVERY DAY. 30 minutes a day or 15 minutes two times a day will really make an impact to your waistline and get you going to lose weight before holiday time.

Don’t starve yourself – Avoid going on a crash diet. If you avoid getting really hungry then you are more likely to avoid binge eating which isn’t good for losing weight but may also make you fall off your diet plan.

Track what you eat – It really helps to write down everything you eat. You’ll begin to think twice about what you eat once you see what you are actually putting in your mouth. Weight Watchers has a great app that helps you to track your food that is really easy to use.

Reduce your alcohol intake – If you are trying to lose weight before a holiday, try giving up the wine or vodka & tonic in the lead up. If you have lots of social occasions then why not alternate 1 water with 1 alcoholic drink until you go away. Alcohol is very high in calories. Your incentive is that you can eat and drink what you like when you are actually on holidays and you’ll look great while you are there.

Get some great low calorie recipes that remind you of your holiday – If you are going to Italy, cook up a delicious low cal pasta (yes – there are some!). If you are going to the beach, create a great healthy salad. Weight Watchers Online is a great place to look for amazing recipes that are sure to help you lose weight before holiday time. They taste great too – you might keep cooking them when you get home.

Only snack on fruit and vegetables – A very easy change to your diet is increase fruit and vegetable intake. Even though the Skinny Cow ice cream is low in calories, a carrot has even less and it has vitamins so snack on fruit and veg instead of other so called low calorie snacks.

Pack your suitcase and do some weights – Doing weight resistant training is great for toning so why not use your suitcase filled with clothes (or bags of flour or oranges) to get you excited about your holiday and help tone your arms and tummy muscles. Try a hand luggage size case to make it easy.

Reduce the carbs and up your protein – It’s never a good idea to totally cut out any food group but reducing your carbs (especially in the evening) and increasing your protein (having some protein with every main meal) has been shown to help keep you feel full for longer.

Start early – The more time you give yourself before your holiday, the easier it will be to reach your goal. Begin your weight loss program when you are planning your holiday.


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