Love is in the Air: What To Know Before Moving Countries for a Relationship

Love is in the Air: What To Know Before Moving Countries for a Relationship

Ah, love. It might just be the most maddening aspect of life, but we still all throw ourselves into it with all the gusto we can muster. Sometimes, this means moving in with our partner; well, it does if we’re lucky to live in the same city or even country. Some people have to move countries if they want to be with their loved one. If you’re considering the move, then you’ll know this is as exciting as it is daunting! Below, we take a look at what you need to know before you take the plunge.

Go For Yourself

You might be primarily moving for your loved one, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you’re boarding a flight and moving to a new country. You also need to be doing it for yourself. If it wasn’t for your partner, would you ever consider moving to that city or country? Your partner will make it infinitely more enjoyable for you, but if it’s an emphatic no, I wouldn’t, then you might want to consider if it’s the right thing to do. Where we live has a massive effect on our happiness!

Understand the Rules

We think of it as a “global world”, where boundaries are becoming increasingly obsolete, but you’ll quickly find that’s not really the case. Each country has its own immigration policy, and while some relatively forward to follow, others are so complicated that the only way you’ll get in is through marriage. Take a look at what visas you may qualify for, and also read through the country’s marriage visa info to see what you need to do if you want to marry and become a permanent resident. This process can take some time, so make sure you’re on top of it well in advance of your move.

Create Your Own World

When you’re in the country, it’s important that you don’t rely on your partner to be everything for you. Relationships work best when the couple is comprised of two individuals who just happen to love spending time with one another. You’ll only be an individual if you get out into your new home and make friends, join clubs, and look for your own identity. Nobody can be all things for another person, so don’t expect your partner to be just that, even if you are living in their home city.

Resentment Free Zone

There is a common problem that can crop up in relationships where one person has had to move, and that’s resentment. Just because you’ve made a move, that doesn’t mean you have the upper hand when it comes to getting your way. If you ever hear you say “but I moved all the way here for you” in an argument, it’s time to check your mood.

Give it Time

All relationships are hard, and so is every move. Trying to manage both at the same time will test your patience, but give it time. When you’re settled in, you’ll see it as the best decision you’ve made!


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