Make Your Home the Best on the Block!

Make Your Home the Best on the Block!

When you were searching for your dream home, what attracted you to it? Was it the spacious family kitchen or the master suite? Or did you fall in love the moment you pulled into the driveway? Many of us focus on interior design, but the exterior can be equally important, especially if you have plans to sell. If you’re eager for your home to be best-looking house on the block, here are some simple steps to follow.

Perfect paintwork

If you have a painted house, there’s no easier way to spruce up the facade and breathe new life into the exterior of your home than refreshing the paintwork. If the paint has faded or pristine white has turned to drab beige or dirty looking grey, you’re just a coat away from having a much more beautiful home. It’s amazing the difference such a simple job can make. While you’ve got your brush handy, take a few moments to go around the window frames and give the front door a lick of paint. This is a straightforward, inexpensive task, which will make your home look smart and stylish.

Garden gains

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, this can really enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you’ve got a lush lawn, colourful planters and well-preened hedges, your home will stand out for all the right reasons. In contrast, if you’ve got dry patches of grass or an overgrown lawn, broken fences and weeds everywhere, this is going to make your home look unkempt and unloved. If you’ve got lawn issues, go here for more information about reviving your garden and promoting grass growth. Once you’ve sorted this problem, add interest with hanging baskets or potted trees and take a few minutes to remove weeds from your beds.

Dazzling driveway

Your driveway is a place to park the car, but it can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the house. When the car’s not there, you don’t want to unveil a shabby stack of broken flags or a messy pile of gravel. A well-presented driveway will enhance the look of your home, but it will also create a good first impression if you decide to sell. If you’ve got a large area, you could pave the surface and still have room for a garden or some flower beds.


Individual touches

If you don’t want your house to look the same as every other property on the block, think about adding some individual, unique touches. You could take inspiration from the Mediterranean and hang coloured shutters, you could create a porch with room for a table and deck chairs, or you could use your gardening skills to create a vibrant floral display at the front of the house. If you’re short on ideas, have a look in some interior magazines and search online for inspiration.

It’s all very well having a fabulous kitchen and a gorgeous bedroom, but what about the exterior of your home? If your home is lacking curb appeal, these simple steps will help to turn it into the best-looking house on the block.

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