Make Your house Stand Out from the Rest!

Make Your house Stand Out from the Rest!

How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest

How to make my house stand out from the rest is a common question. It’s very common to have a Cookie-cutter homes these days. Most people live in extremely similar houses that have the same window arrangements, same driveway even the same colour siding panels and roof. It makes standing out from the rest difficult, especially if you want to express yourself through your decor. However, it’s easy to tell when a home has personality just by looking at it. Many people focus on their interior design choices and decor in order to stand out from the crowd. Sadly, when the outside of your home looks almost identical to your neighbour, it’s not standing out. To help you separate yourself from the rest, here are our bright ideas that will take your home from boring to the block stand out.


How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest…… Go Big At Christmas


The Festive season is the perfect time to making your home stand out without any permanent changes. It’s as simple as setting up beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. This will say a lot about your personality. For starters, it lets people know that you’re the seasonal type. You love your holidays, you love to celebrate and you’re willing to spread the joy by decorating your house to remind people its Christmas. While most people do basic things such as setting up a string of lights, you can express yourself even more by adding extras. Decorate your front door and garden, add some oversized lighting decorations, consider an outdoor Christmas tree or even add some large reindeer decorations.


How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest….. Simply Focus On One Thing


Has your home been designed exactly the same way as your neighbour?  If you answered yes, it can definitely be difficult to stand out from the crowd unless you break the norm. For starters, take a look at hiring a slate roofer to make your roof stand out from the rest. All it takes is a different coloured or style of roof to help you stand out. It’s simple and effective, and will definitely draw attention to your home even if it’s confined between two other houses. You could also change the way your lawn looks, put up fences to border your home or style your driveway differently.


How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest…… Use A Bold Colour Scheme


Not everyone knows how to work with colours, but exterior designers are masters at using colours that pop out and aren’t commonly used. Many houses nowadays use muted colour palettes with simple neutral colours such as white and beige to decorate their home. Do you want something to stand out, then you need to be bold with your choices. Think about your favourite colour, then don’t be afraid of painting the outside of your home that colour. Do consider any council or estate rules before you make any changes. Even by adding colour to gutters and window trims, you can achieve a similar result and make your home stand out from your neighbours.


How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest…… Style Your Garden


Why not add street appeal to your home is by giving your garden an ‘extreme makeover’. Giving your garden structure, a feature tree or a new garden path in a daring colour could help your home to grab people’s attention. Do it right by calling in some help from a professional and your neighbours will be envious.


How To Make My House Stand Out From The Rest…… Get A New Fence


Your fence is the first thing people see of your home so make it a stunner and grab people’s attention. Standing out from the neighbours could be as simple as a lick of paint or a total refurb. Think about the material of the fence and how to make it different from all the cookie-cutter homes around you. You could even remove the fence all together and add a hedge. Again, you’ll need to check about Estate Rules or Council Requirements first.


Image: Pixabay


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