17 Bright Ideas On How To Make Moving House Easier

17 Bright Ideas On How To Make Moving House Easier

Need some ideas on how to make moving house easier? It’s a well-acknowledged fact that moving home is inherently stressful. It therefore follows that the easier you can make it on yourself, the better the process is going to be. If you’re determined that the next time you move is going to be as seamless as possible, then you need some bright ideas to help get you through…

Roll, don’t fold – By far the easiest way of transporting clothes is to roll rather than folding them really is a good way to make moving easier.

Tie pairs together – It could be earrings, shoes, cutlery, your salt and pepper shakers – if it has a twin, then you don’t want them to be separated in the move. Use elastic bands to keep things together.

Move one room at a time – It’s incredibly easy to confuse yourself if you try and move the entire house as a whole, rather than treating each room as an individual move. Focus on one room at a time and you’ll feel like your getting more done.

Don’t move all at once – If you just give yourself a single moving day to get everything done, then you’re making life incredibly hard on yourself. Try and stagger the move wherever possible. For example, you could use the likes of Canning Vale Storage Units to store items not required for everyday living (such as the contents of the attic or shed) and then move them over as required.

Colour-code rather than write – Scrawling a word on a box is not the best way of identifying which area the box is intended for. Instead, use different coloured package tape so you can identify its destination from a single glance.

Pack a single bag of the essentials – Your toiletries and any medications should not travel as part of the general bulk; use a spare handbag to carry them separately on moving day.

Don’t overload boxes – No matter how much packaging tape you use, each individual box can’t take more than 25kg, so don’t overload them. Get yourself more boxes and pack lighter.

Compress pillows, bedsheets, and soft toys – Use a vacuum sealer on these items to save space when moving, which has the additional benefit of an extra layer of protection. You can buy inexpensive ones at Big W or The Reject Shop which should atleast work for 1 move.

Think about food – When you get to the new house, you’re probably going to be hungry and tired. Ensure you have got easy access to a quick pick-you-up snack available. Consider packing a box of essentials for the first few days – tea, coffee, cereal etc.

Transfer your utilities a day early – Request for installation the day before and use your cell phone and data plans to get through the night before.

Don’t leave gaps in boxes – Use old newspaper , towels or even clothes to fill out the gaps in boxes to help protect the contents, especially when you are packing glass or other fragile items.  

You can never use too much bubble wrap – Wrap delicate items as tightly as possible and with plenty of layers – the more cushioning, the better. This is a very important way to make moving house easier as it will definitely mean less breakage at the other end.

Put pets in a cattery or kennel – Moving is stressful for animals, so save them from the moving day bustle by getting them a night at your pet hotel of choice.

Don’t store crockery together – Separate plates, mugs, and all other crockery should be separated with cardboard to prevent them clashing with one another in transit.

Just pack – When it comes to packing, it’s tempting to look at each item, bask in the memories – and that all takes time. Just get it all in a box. If you want to do a big clean out, think about doing that in the few weeks leading up to your move to avoid any delay.

Use outdoor storage – For boxes that you don’t need to unpack immediately, good outside storage at the new house can help stop you filling every room with boxes.

Buy more materials than you think you need – You will need lots of packing material, so don’t scrimp on it and get more than you ‘think’ you need. There are many places where you can rent boxes and sell back the boxes when you finish or return unused boxes.


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