Make This Year All About You!

Make This Year All About You!

You deserve a bit of you time, because we bet all you do is rush around after others, and spend most of your days promising yourself that after your next plan, you’re saying no to absolutely everything. But the days pass you by, and you feel like you’re doing more than ever. Most of us naturally like to keep ourselves busy, but the importance of a bit of you time just grows and grows as you get older. You’ll often find that you just become so stressed because you’re not relaxing, and it all mounts up until you come close to a mental breakdown. But it’s not just the pressure you feel in your mind, it’s how you feel in yourself. You spend less time caring for yourself and doing the things you used to love, and more time running around after everyone else. So, we want to give you some top tips as to how you can make this year all about you, and stop running around after everyone else!

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Dedicated You Time

This is something that a lot of you are going to like the sound of. Take some time each week to just do exactly what you want. You don’t have to leave the house, and you don’t even have to leave the bedroom. But just do something that you plan, not something that you find yourself doing with someone else. Maybe just once a week will do, for the whole evening. Drawing yourself away from all of the things you used to do, and having a bit of you time will be a bit random at first. You’ll probably find it hard to just be on your own actually. So, we recommend going onto Netflix and picking a film to watch, getting some snacks, and just kicking back to relax! Or, if you’re not really that into watching TV, you could go for a nice book, some candles lit, and a good read in bed where you’re nice and warm.

Making Changes You’ve Always Wanted To Make

Ok, so if you’re someone who is just constantly putting others first, then the last thing you’re going to do is make time to make the changes to yourself that you’ve always wanted to. For a lot of women, it’s all about body image and how that be changed to make ourselves look and feel better. We don’t think you should manipulate your body so that it’s not even yours anymore, but we do think subtle procedures like breast augmentation by Dr Tavakoli might be worth taking a look into. It’s no secret that breasts are the thing women are most self conscious about, and you’ll find that so many people are now having procedures like this done, that’s now actually considered to be the norm.

Finding That Perfect Balance

So, in your quest for making time just for you, you have to make sure that you’re not going to become a little bit of a recluse. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own ways when you start to enjoy just your own company, but we think the balance of your own personal time, and time with your friends and family is essential. One or two nights purely to yourself is a good place to start!

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