17 Bright Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Fun For All The Family
make your kitchen fun for all the family

17 Bright Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Fun For All The Family

Your kitchen is a place where everyone hangs out, so everyone should feel at home there right? With these easy steps your kitchen will feel open and welcoming to everybody who walks through your door. Follow our 17 bright ideas to make your kitchen fun for all the family and have a happy and safe place for everybody without having to completely refurbish your house.

Organisation – Empty out your cupboards and have a close look at what you’ve really got inside. You might want to have a throw away session and start a fresh. As soon as you know exactly what’s inside your pantry you’ll feel much more at ease in the kitchen. There are awesome apps, which can help you keep track of what’s inside your fridge too.

Use glass jars – Nobody wants to see branded cereal boxes and tea bags on their kitchen counter. Create a chic and uniform look by adding all of your products into glass jars. You’ll easily be able to see how much you’ve got left and they’re reusable forever.

Plant some herbs – If you love cooking then ditch the dried spice rack and grow your own herbs in the window. It will not only provide you with fresh ingredients, but it will keep your kitchen smelling fresh too.

Give the kids a cupboard – It can be a nightmare to baby-proof the kitchen cupboards, so why not give them their own cupboard that they are allowed to get into whenever they want. Fill up a low space with their plastic bottles or plates and it’ll give them the freedom to explore when they want to.

Open up the space – Open plan is the way to go at the moment so everyone can be together and it you’ll definitely make your kitchen fun for all the family. If you’re not sure how to optimise the space in your kitchen consider a kitchen designer, who will help you to visualise a more spacious and open-plan way of living.

Shopping list on the fridge – Create your shopping list as and when you need it by sticking it on the fridge. There will be no more forgetting the essentials that you need if you can add to it whenever you want to.

Get a radio – You spend a lot of time in the kitchen so make it a relaxing and entertaining experience. Get a radio, so you can sing a long and listen to your favourite songs whilst you prepare meals for the whole family.

Set up a craft station – Your little ones always need entertaining whilst you’re cooking so set up a safe and creative art area at the table. They can make whatever they want whilst you get on with the much-needed cooking. This is sure to make your kitchen fun for all the family.

Breakfast bar fun – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s make it fun. Set up a cereal station where your family can customise their own breakfasts and grab a fun juice to start their day off in the best possible way.

Keep it clean – Don’t let mess build up in the kitchen as it will only seem more and more daunting the messier it gets. Adopt a clean as you go policy and it will never feel like a huge chore.

Add a pop of colour – Invest in some brightly coloured chopping boards or even get a matching kettle and toasted to create a fun and themed kitchen space.

Keep on top of the washing up – Nobody likes washing up, but if you get everyone involved it won’t seem like such a boring task. Make it fun and get the whole family to pitch in.

Prep your meals – Meal prep is the key to a well-functioning kitchen. Keep everything organized and you will never feel unprepared when you have to make dinner at short notice. Make a list of your weekly menu and prep when you have time.

Make it personal – If your little one paints a picture at school display it with pride in the kitchen. They will feel proud that their artwork was worthy enough to be displayed so publicly. As everyone in your family for their input and make your kitchen fun for all the family.

Treat Yourself – Get a fancy coffee machine if you love a relaxing hot drink in the morning. However you want to treat yourself, make sure your kitchen is well-equipped enough for your needs.

Involve Everybody – Make the kitchen an open space where anybody can come and join you. Do some fun baking activities with your family and they’ll feel like the kitchen is a fun place to spend time with you.

Dinner Party Perfection – Don’t be afraid to host dinners with your friends. Flaunt your kitchen and share it with the special people in your life.

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