17 Bright Ideas To Makeover Your Bedroom

17 Bright Ideas To Makeover Your Bedroom

Want a fool-proof way to become the ultimate early-bird type, actually enjoy going to bed and then waking up energised and refreshed? Make your bedroom your dazzling private sanctuary, which will fill you with positive energy, where you’ll feel relaxed and at peace. A few little tweaks here and there, and within a few days you can have your very own complete bedroom makeover at hand. All you need to do is follow these 17 bright ideas to makeover your bedroom by interior designer and blogger Samantha Winterland to start with:

Brighten up the room – First and foremost, it’s always best to wake up in a naturally lit room, which will cheer you up the moment you open your eyes. You can achieve that bright look by painting the walls is a light pale neutral colours (light and pastel blues, greens, yellows, or lavender are ideal), which will reflect and intensify the sunlight coming through your window. Speaking of windows, don’t put any high shelves, or big wardrobes near them, as this will block the sun-rays coming in.

Boost the mood with some bold bedding – If you make your walls neutral and pale, you can have as much colour as you’d like with your bedding. Choose cheerful and vibrant colours and patterns. Add a duvet, or a cover in a complementing colour scheme for and additional accent. Depending on the overall design of the room, go for something simple and classic, or more artistic and graphic to makeover your bedroom.

Upgrade your dresser – Why not turn your dresser into a fashionable statement? Liven it up with some cheerful and colourful patterns. Don’t make it too bright and bold, but instead give that old chest of drawers a quick makeover with some floral paper in subtle tones to match the overall colour scheme of the room.

Get rid of the clutter – Want to know the easiest, simplest, fastest way to magically transform any room of your home? Clear all the clutter! Throw away everything you no longer use. Stop getting attached to meaningless memorabilia, like that theatre ticket from the lovely play last month. Simplify not only the outlook of the room, but also your life and inner peace by removing the clutter once and for all.

The headboard is a must – According to some modernistic design flows, you can easily do without a bed headboard. However, this feature will be ideal to add some extra special touch to your décor. You don’t have to approach this in a conventional way though. You could add a fresh trait with an upholstered headboard in a flowery fabric. Or get really creative and use shelving, art pieces, picture frames, or even a drawing painted straight on the wall above the bed to makeover your bedroom.

Glamour up your dressing table – You can replace your old wooden dresser, with a chic clear glass or acrylic table. This will make the place look much more stylish. Add some sleek metal accessories and a vase with fresh flowers, and you will have an elegant and sophisticated beauty corner.

Night stand recharge – Pretty and creative bedside tables will be an adorable highlight of your bedroom design. You could use a vintage chair to do the job (remember Carrie’s old apartment in SATC), or DIY a side table from an old suitcase like in these cool tutorials, or pile a few favourite books to raise the bedside light a bit, or add an artistic alarm clock. Put something that will inspire you first thing in the morning.

Closet brush-up – First off, donate all the clothes you no longer wear, no matter how sentimental they’re to you (if in doubt, refer to bright idea No. 4). Then add more shelving space, and separate compartments where you’ll be able to store not only clothes but accessories like hats and bags too. Also, attach a vintage chic mirror on the outer side of the closet door, or overlay the doors with foil with a beautiful pattern. This will give your closet a nice finished design look.

Ban all technology out of the room – Be ruthless. No compromise here. Keep your laptop, tablet, and even your phone out of the bedroom. This room is your peaceful sanctuary, not a bonus office space. You can bring only good books to bed, nothing else. This way, not only your mental and physical health will be improved, but also be assured TV set or a laptop don’t look good on any bedroom décor.

Throw a rug and cosy up the room – Bare wooden floors are a lovely design accent. However, a bedroom should feel comfortable and cosy, and nothing beats a good rug at that. There’s a huge variety of patterns, colours, and fabrics out on the market, so take your pick. Just choose the right size. A rug should be bigger than your bed, and should fit in at least one more piece of furniture on it. This is a sure fire way to makeover your bedroom.

Enhance the windows – First of all, always keep your windows clean, nothing says bad design like dirty, smudged windows. Then, it might sound like a cliché, but good curtains in a complementary colour hue will make for an ideal décor accent.

Liven up the room with plants – Use colourful flower pots with fresh greenery to cheer up the room. A bonus tip: choose flowers that bloom in colours similar to your design’s colour scheme. Just don’t overdo it, after all the bedroom is not a greenhouse. Besides, it’s not really healthy to sleep in a room filled with plants. But one or two houseplants will make a huge difference in the overall outlook of the room.

Pillow power – Don’t underestimate the impact of the throw pillows when you makeover your bedroom. But, remember, everything in moderation. Don’t put more than two sets of stylish pillows in harmonious colours and shapes.

Unleash your artistic vision – Add some artwork to make the design complete, and more pleasant. Whether it’s a replica of your favourite classic artist, or a modern piece of art, as long as it fits your style and boosts your mood, display it. What is even better, hang some photographs or paintings you made yourself.

15.nvite in the mirror universe – Use mirrors, not only as practical objects, but as a handy design element. Choose appropriate sizes, as well as beautiful and elegant frames.

16. Soft night light – Brighten up the room, applies only for daytime. At night, use dimmed, subdued lights. Keep the bedside lights close enough for reading, but don’t use too bright bulbs. The light should relax you, and help you wind down after your long day, and not stimulate and irritate your tired senses.

17. Add a whiff of sophistication – Pretty bright colours everywhere, beautiful furniture, an attractive headboard, creative artwork and all, but if the air in the room is stuffed and heavy, all of your efforts for a design makeover will be in vain. Keep your bedroom well ventilated at all times. Also, add a pleasant and refreshing aroma. Use candles or potpourri in scents of sandalwood, lavender, ylang ylang, or citrus fruit and really makeover your bedroom.


  • Samantha Winterland is an interior designer and a blogger, who specialises in home décor. She is an eager follower of the latest trends in design and interior architecture. Currently she is working as a consultant at Melbourne’s cleaning company – Cleaning House Melbourne.


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