Making Dinner Fun and Smell Good

Making Dinner Fun and Smell Good

After last weeks successful soba noodles dinner, I tried to find a good recipe featuring Kaffir Lime Leaves that would get the kids excited. One of my favourite cook books is by Jane Kennedy (of D-Generation fame) called Fabulous Food, Minus The Boombah. It is full of great, healthy food ideas but what I like best is that the recipes are fairly simple.

I chose to do a version of Jane’s Thai Chicken Larb. It is, once again, a great recipe that can be made ahead of time and involves lots of little bits that the kids can put together themselves plus it is versatile enough that you can jazz it up for adults and tone it down for the kids. So what about the Kaffir Lime Leaf you may be saying? It smells amazing and it made the dish feel very authentic. I wasn’t totally sure the kids would like it but they did. It make the dish feel more restaurant like.

The part the kids liked best was that they could eat this meal with their fingers. You pile the chicken, cucumber, capsicum, coriander, mints and nuts onto a cos lettuce leaf and shovel it into your mouth. What can be more exciting for a 3 year old?

OK, it was very messy and I would say it probably appealed more to my 7 year old but we had lots of fun plus the kaffir lime leaf had such a fragrant aroma I’d definitely look for more recipes to use it in. If you know one that if your favourite, let us know.

Ingredient for next time: Tumeric

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