Members Bright Ideas – Competition Entries

Members Bright Ideas – Competition Entries

We have had such wonderful entries for our competition we couldn’t keep them to ourselves.  Here are just a taste of our members bright ideas, submitted as entries to our competitions.  If you haven’t entered our competitions yet there is still time.  Enter here now!

Bright Idea for Keeping the Family Entertained – Our 7 children have picnics under our huge trampoline.  Love it!.  Don’t have to take food to the park.  Plenty of room in our backyard to play – Shirley

Bright Idea for Saving Money – With 7 Children I buy everything in bulk, especially when products are reduced in prices.  Clothing we buy at end of season reduced up to 90% – Shirley

Bright Idea for Keeping the Family Entertained – Nothing beats bubbles for entertaining children.  I have bubble mixture in the car glove box, next to the bath and for outdoor play – Shayne

Bright Idea for Saving Money – I would love the power to save power.  An idea to save money and power is only to use solar lights for outdoor Christmas decorations – Shayne

Bright Idea for Keeping the Family Entertained – My bright idea for keeping your family entertained is to include the whole family in household chores.  For example gardening or cooking.  Tasks can be allocated appropriately according to age and skills and the result become a team effort for all to be proud of.  This also teaches children new skills and provides the family with quality time together – Astrid

Bright Idea to Save Money – My bright Idea to save money on energy is to use a power board.  A power board can supply electricity to multiple appliances at the same time, and allows you to switch off all appliances using the same switch – Astrid

Why a Personal Concierge Would Brighten Your Day – Working full time 3 girls, single mum = mountains of washing, hardly any groceries (forget supermarket shopping), keeping up at the same time with the constant needs and wants of everyone…Leaves me no time really to have quiet time.  Think I need a full time nanny- Andrea

Bright Idea to Save Money – Best Money Saving tip – don’t spend your money on Wants but Needs.  Everytime you are about to make a purchase of any kind ask yourself the question “Do I really need this to survive and be happy?” – Andrea

Bright Idea for Keeping the Family Entertained – Get the whole family out out into a park which keeps everyone entertained.  Sydney Centennial Park has something for a 2yr old to a 70 yr old.  Bring food along, bikes, bats etc.- Andrea

Bright Idea for Saving Money – My best way of saving money is to write a shopping list and force myself to not buy anything else thats not on the list. – Ann

Best Place to Eat Smiths Popped Snacks – As part of a family picnic on Shelly Beach, Manly. Sun, sea and healthy food – Lisa









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