17 Bright Ideas for Most Helpful Gifts For New Mums

17 Bright Ideas for Most Helpful Gifts For New Mums

There seems to be two kinds of gifts that are most popular for new mums; clothes and flowers. Both are lovely gifts but kids grow out of clothes so quickly and flowers sometimes don’t even make it home from the hospital. Often it is the unusual gifts that stand out and can even make a difference to a new mum and her baby. Here is a list of 17 Bright Ideas for Most Helpful Gifts For New Mums:

A cleaner for a day – Looking after a newborn is a full time job. Usually that means things like housework get left to the side for a while. Why not get a new mum a cleaner for a day or afternoon, just to come in and do the dishes or mop the floors. You could also arrange for some help with ironing or the garden. There is always something to be done around the house. If that cost if a bit more than you want to spend, you could even offer to help out yourself.

An old fashion Baby Album – I still have my baby album that my mum compiled when I was young but these days with digital photos and computers, this tradition has been left behind. Why not buy a new mum a beautiful photo album that you can put printed photos into. If you want to go more high tech, purchase a gift voucher for an electronic book, available from most photographic printing centres.

Pre-made dinners – Any new mum would be grateful for this helpful gift because just like the housework, finding time to cook dinner while looking after a new baby can be quite difficult, especially when the new mum has other kids as well. Why not buy some pre-made dishes, or better still, make them yourself, and give them as a gift. Foods that can be frozen such as pies, stews or soups, are great to put into the freezer and defrosted when required.

Music CDs for baby – I found that having classical music in the car was helpful with my kids, who all seemed to hate the car, but I also found it helped me to relax a bit while my tiny tots screamed their lungs out when I was stuck in traffic.

Baby wraps with no wrapping – One of the hardest things to master, in my opinion, is wrapping baby for bedtime. Get it right and it can help baby to sleep better and what new mum wouldn’t want that. Now you can buy wraps that are more like a cocoon. You slip baby into a little pouch and it is very hard for baby to wriggle their way out. Check out Woombie.com.au for one example.

A magazine subscription – There are so many choices out there in regards to magazines that you need to take a think about the new mum you are buying for and your budget but I would recommend something like Mother & Baby which is around $30 for 6 issues and has a lot if useful stories and tips on being a mum.

A night light – This can either be for baby’s room or for the living room. When you have night time feeds, you want to avoid turning on bright lights so that baby doesn’t wake up too much. A night light that is soft but still allows you to find what you need to feed baby at 3am is very useful and there are so many options these days that are very cute and will work with any décor. Check out baby stores and websites or even Ikea.

Something with baby’s name on it – You can get pillows, wall stickers, teddy bears or name plates. You could even purchase a pretty bath towel and get it monogrammed with baby’s name. Something like this is a bit more personal and looks very sweet in a baby room. Tinyme.com.au is a great website to check out with lots of personalised gift options.

A gift voucher for a baby photographic session – This can sometimes end up costing a bit, especially when you see all the great photos and want to purchase them all but often, a photographer can take a photo of your kids in a 20min shoot that takes you years to achieve. Morffew Photos have multiple locations.

Jewellery – This is the kind of present you could buy as a group of friends or workmates. You could buy a Charm bracelet and a few charms that relate to baby from someone like Pandora or for something more personal, buy hand stamped silver jewellery. These beautiful pieces are stamped with baby’s name and date of birth for a new mum to wear always. Check out koolamandesigns.com.au

DIY manicure/pedicure – The first few months with a new baby can be tough, to the point where your usual beauty routine suffers. Often it is hard to get even half an hour to yourself, let alone get out for a mani or pedi. Why not buy a new mum a great hand cream, a bright nail polish and a good name file so that she can make herself feel a little more human without leaving the house.

Coat hangers – Lots of people will buy clothes but then you often find yourself trying to work out what to hang them on. The hangers that you collect from the shops, although very useful, don’t always look the best, so why not go to somewhere like Howards Storage or Pinklily and pick up some pretty wooden hangers. Having all the hangers the same can make a wardrobe look so much more organised and pretty.

Car accessories – A rear mirror to see baby when you are driving, or a sun shield are very useful. If you are good with a sewing machine, why not make a pouch for the back of the driver’s seat that a new mum can store her baby wipes or dummies. All you need to use is your imagination.

A bunch of ‘non’ flowers – If you love the thought of walking into a maternity hospital with a bunch of flowers but want to make them a bit more useful and long lasting, why not give a bunch of chocolate or clothing flowers. You could purchase a sock posy (Babycupcakes is one company that makes these) as you can always do with a good supply of socks, or help a new mum through those night time feeds with a chocolate bouquet (check out Lollypotz who have a great range).

Maternity Underwear – This may not be a gift you want to give your boss but if you are close to someone consider buying some pretty (and sexy) maternity underwear. This is something that can be hard to find and even when you do find something that doesn’t look like ‘nana’ underwear, it isn’t very supportive or comfortable. Take a look at HOTmilk or Cake Maternity. Sometimes what you wear underneath can make you feel so much better on the outside, especially when you have a post-baby body.

A baby medical kit – No I am not suggesting anything high powered here but why not pull together a few things like a baby thermometer, some sunscreen, some nappy rash cream and some baby Vicks VapoRub. Often you don’t think to get all this gear when baby is well and everything can become hectic once baby is sick. Having everything on hand immediately could be a great relief which makes this a great gift idea for new parents.

Nappies, wipes and nappy bags – This might seem a little dull but you know that a new mum (and dad) is going to use nappies several times a day on their baby and it will definitely be very helpful. Nappies are a big expense and I am sure most new parents would be happy to receive this as a gift. If you think your new mum is a bit more green, there are many different types of eco cloth nappies and even organic nappies.

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