Motherly Advice – 6 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Was A New Mum

Motherly Advice – 6 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Was A New Mum

Just a few steps into motherhood, you realize that no book you’ve read or movie you’ve watched could ever fully prepare you for the experience of being a mum. Still, there are a few nuggets of motherly wisdom that will definitely come in handy once that bundle of joy is placed in your arms.  

1. Nappy Changes Get Better With Practice 

If you haven’t heard the phrase, “You didn’t put the nappy on properly,” from an older family member, consider yourself a supermum. It takes many diaper changes to realize that there’s an indicator in the front of certain disposable nappy brands that lets you know when the baby needs changing, and you don’t need to check inside the nappy every time. 

When you do change baby’s diaper, be sure to use a gentle product like sudocrem nappy rash cream to make sure your child stays comfortable between changes. 

2. Having It All Together Every Day Is Impossible

Have you seen those new mums on Instagram who look all dressed up with a sleeping baby nestled in their arms for a Monday photoshoot? Well, not every day will be that picture-perfect. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Being a mum means figuring things out as you go along. Some days you’ll feel like everything is under control, and on other days, you’ll be shocked at how little control you actually have. 

A crying baby, milk all over the floor, and your sleep-deprived mind trying to cope with it all – that will sum up many of your newbie mum days. Be prepared! No matter how organized you are, living with a newborn is chaos.

3. Seeking Help Makes You a Supermum

Introducing a helpless new being into your life is stressful. The pressure is intensified by the fact that you still need to work, care for your newborn, and run your house. Acting brave while your stress builds up is never a solution. A good mum is one who cares about herself as well. You do not fail as a mother if you ask for help. 

Family, friends, or your partner will be willing to help if you ask for it. Allow yourself to have some alone time to get a grip over your emotions and indulge in some self-care

4. The Less You Buy, The Better 

Pregnancy can be overwhelming. Sometimes your emotions can drive you to purchase the most expensive baby clothes or go after the best brands. The truth is, your baby doesn’t care if it’s in a branded crib or a hand-me-down. While you want to give your newborn the best of everything, many sentimental baby things are unnecessary. Focus on the essentials first. 

5. Mum Instincts Overrule Everything 

While your great aunt might insist that your baby should be talking, walking, or solving complex equations by now, it’s important to remember that everyone’s different. Don’t let other people’s suggestions get you down. If you feel your baby needs to go for a checkup, do it. If you feel that your baby is fine, listen to your gut.

6. Cling To Every Moment 

Time is a strange thing. Nine months feels like forever, but the time you have with your newborn baby can go by in a split second. Enjoy every moment of caring for your newborn. Before you know it your baby will be doing more crawling and less clinging.  

Follow the tips above, and seek out as much motherly wisdom as you can from the mums you encounter in your life – this is the best way to make it through the tough parts of having your first child. 

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