Moving into a Big Kid Room

Moving into a Big Kid Room

It may only seem five minutes since your daughter was months old but now hardly a night goes by when you don’t find her in your room asking for a biscuit. For many parents, the Houdini act is a clear sign that she’s becoming more independant and needs a proper room of her own!

DIY Decorating Tips

Kids like bright, loud and fun colours as well as lots of stimulating objects to look at and play with! While the nursery was a place of quiet relaxation, reflection as you bonded with your baby and a chance to nap together, a child’s bedroom should be a hive of activity, make believe and utter, unfettered joy. Choose colours that are slightly more vibrant, such as magentas, yellows and greens to replace soft pinks, blues and creams. Take down any baby mobile’s and replace them with counting cushions. The new room should definitely have a clock, as even if they’re not learning yet it’ll help them to get used to the item itself, as well as lots of soft toys, books, puzzles and art supplies to encourage any burgeoning passions like painting.


Fresh Paint

Now’s probably a good time to paint over the nursery as If she’s closer to three now, in a couple of years time, she’ll be wanting a pink princess bedroom, with cartoon duvet cover, rug, and nightshade with life-size dolls house furniture and pictures of bunnies everywhere. By redecorating as early as possible, you’ll only need to replace key pieces every few years until she reaches ten and then it’ll be time for another total revamp.

Make sure that she doesn’t lose anything in this process and let her watch you paint, replace the carpet and strip wallpaper as well as showing her all her toys are safe. Even the ones she’s begun to outgrow and have them waiting for her in her new room. If your child is curious about what’s happening let her help paint a little. Let her watch the entire project if she seems interested, so she can see what’s being left for the rubbish removal truck to collect, such as the rolled up carpet, old mattress and any broken pieces of bed frame or faded blankets so she’ll  understand what’s happening a little bit better.

Make A Fuss

Keep telling your child how grown up, and amazing they are and that she’s ready for a big girl room now! Buy your child brand new bedding, in colours she likes as well as special pyjamas, bedtime books, soft toys and dressing gown and slippers. Don’t expect her to settle down overnight, the first time in her brand new room will be strange for both her and you so if she’s struggling in a big bed, you could show her yours, having her nap there during the daytime instead of on the sofa until she’s happy sleeping in her own full time. Obviously, you know what your child likes, so if she’s started to become more adventurous then glow-in-the-dark nightlights, a starry ceiling or a sleepy time audio tape will distract her from getting up and hopefully lull her back to sleep.


Image: Pexels By: Snapwire

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