Must-Have RC Cars for 2020

Must-Have RC Cars for 2020

When someone talks about remote-controlled cars, most individuals think that they are just toys for children and that adults have no reason to use them. However, this is not the case. Many do not realize the enjoyable experience that a remote control car can bring.

If you are an avid fan of cars or an individual that enjoys playing with toys, and currently searching the market for the next product to buy, you need to know the must-have remote-controlled cars for 2020.

Off-Road RC Cars

Off-road models are RC cars that are best driven on gravel, dirt, and other uneven surfaces. However, this does not mean that you can’t use them on race tracks or fields; the Tamiya Hornet is one of the most popular off-road RC models.

According to an article by Discover a Hobby, remote-controlled off-road cars generally have larger tires and longer shock absorbers that are best for rugged terrains. If you love playing with toys while traveling on out of town trips, then off-road kits are certainly an excellent choice.

On-Road RC Cars

If you are not a fan of playing with RC cars on uneven terrain, then an on-road remote control car could be the toy for you. On-road cars still offer robust car suspension but are limited to paved and smooth terrain. A great example of an on-road kit is the Street Basher RC car that is designed fast and robust.

If you are the competitive type and not just playing with your RC car as a hobby, then on-road RC cars are your best choice because this type of model is commonly the ones used for RC car racing tournaments. Not only will you be having a pleasant experience playing with this type of RC car but also a chance to win exciting prizes during racing contests.

Rock Crawlers

Rock crawlers are a particular type of RC car because they are designed for a niche market, specifically for toy fans that prefer playing with their cars in extreme terrain. Rock crawlers can be driven on mud, shallow creeks, and small-sized rocks with ease.

A rock crawler is your go-to choice if you plan on bringing your RC car to your next hiking trip since it will undoubtedly survive just about any terrain. The best examples of rock crawler RC cars are the Barrage Rock Crawler and Traxxas Trail Truck.

Nitro RC Cars

A variety of options powers RC cars, the most popular among them are electric models. Electric remote-controlled cars have small electric motors that are powered by different types of batteries, such as nickel-cadmium and lithium polymer.

However, if you love tinkering with machines and toys, a nitro RC car might be the perfect fit for you. Nitro RC cars are fuel-powered models that contain small combustion engines.

Nitro RC cars are fueled by different chemicals such as methanol, synthetic oil, and nitromethane, hence the name “nitro.” It would be best that you opt for a nitro car that has a heavy-duty transmission so that they will be durable such as the Traxxas Nitro Monster Truck.

A remote control car is one of the best toys that you can get to give you an enjoyable experience. There is no shortage of RC cars in the market today. Still, it is important that you make sure to buy one from a trusted and reliable source so that you get your money’s worth. Do not buy counterfeits or fake products.

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